The robots are coming, resistance is futile!

April 28, 2017

I’m not not talking about the Terminator trilogy, and this is not a hostile takeover, but I am talking about every day activities in your own office. Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is here and it’s going to take over. Yesterday you hadn’t heard of RPA and in 18 months you won’t remember the pre-RPA era. Many are […]

Release Notes – 28/1/2017

February 20, 2017

  Release Notes 28/1/2017 New Feature – Save as Draft – You can now create an order but Save as a Draft – then edit and resume at any time New Feature – Reporting – We have now added invoices in the reporting options New Feature – Order Notes – Money values – you can […]

You have to be responsive

January 4, 2017

You have to be responsvive … By Martin Peirce, 04/01/2017 So we went live with our new look website yesterday. With plenty of help from Pat at Artsanac, we have managed to get our content clearer and our message sharper. One of the great things about our new layout is how responsive it is. In […]

Raise purchase orders in seconds and have them sent to your suppliers by email.

September 20, 2016

Raise purchase orders in seconds and have them sent to your suppliers by email. Create Purchase Orders with your own logo Reduce approval times to minutes using email Control spend using departmental budgets Send supplier invoices out for approval Multi-currency, with home currency reporting Arrange a Demo Try it for FREE Share This:

Purchase Order Template Date

September 15, 2016

Business Settings > Templates > Document Template If the date outputted on your Purchase Order PDF isn’t to your liking, you can replace the default place-holder {created date} with 3 x separate placeh-holders. By default, it will be in this HTML Line <td><span>{created_date}</span></td> This could be changed to US format (mm/dd/yyyy) <td><span>{date_month}/{date_day}/{date_year}</span></td>   Share This:

Custom date format

Business Settings > Formatting We have now introduced a feature that allows you to choose one of three date formats: US Rest of the world ISO standard This is available in the Business Unit settings, on the formatting tab. The dates should then appear throughout in the format you choose for your business. Share This:

Create a Business Unit

April 17, 2016

Tenancy Settings > Create Business Unit As part of your sign-up, you will create your first Business Unit. We think of these as separate companies or separate Business Units. Example, you are a Care Home provider. You have the same divisions – house-keeping, kitchen, maintenance in each of your homes, but each home is different. […]

Workflow – how it works

April 16, 2016

You raise a Purchase Order and the workflow is set or can be chosen. Typically an approver gets an email and asks to approve or reject They are taken to a web page and have two options – Approve or Reject If they approve, the next step of the workflow will trigger – perhaps another […]

Set the default workflow

Business > Divisions > Edit > Defaults You can set the default workflow for a Division. Once set, every purchase order raised will trigger the approval process by default.   Share This:

Let’s use it for Expenses as well

March 30, 2016

Our company is relatively easy to manage. Our staff  go off and visit customers and rack up some travel costs and the odd overnight stay, and, of course, they want to be reimbursed for this. They like to remind the directors that although they love working for C2S, they can’t do it for free. Shame. So […]