Accounts Payable Automation

Our team at C2S Software Specialists are highly experienced in providing top-notch accounts payable automation solutions. From simple PO systems to fully integrated Purchase to Pay systems, we can help get your project started.

Cloud-based AP automation that’s easy to use and fast to setup

Managing accounts payable can be a time-consuming and costly task in today’s fast-paced business world. With AP automation, businesses can streamline their payment processes, cutting costs and reducing the workload for their employees.

Our goto solution for AP Automation is Zahara

Key Features

Purchase Orders

Control costs and save money by making staff get approval before committing the company to spend. Added to multi-step approval workflows, Purchase Orders are a starting point for AP Automation.

Invoice Processing

Never key an invoice again. Run your invoice processing on AutoPilot. Save countless hours every week from manual entry. Improve accuracy and reduce month-end prep time.


Payment approval runs and vendor payments with just a few clicks. That’s what our go-to solution for AP automation provides.

See the Impressive Cost Savings

Find out how our AP automation solution has saved our clients time and money.

The figures below are based on our experience of talking to our customers

Reduction in Processing Time
Decrease in Invoice Errors
Increase in Efficiency
Cost Savings for Clients