About C2S

C2S (Click2scan Ltd) is a dynamic company that provide software and services to make business better. We are the developers behind Zahara Purchase Management and SmartSync and are platinum partners with ABBYY who write one of the world's best OCR (optical character recognition) engines, as well as being Sage developers (Sage 50 & Sage 200). Our solutions are predominantly for the accounts payable department with solutions also for legal, insurance and banking in Digital Mailroom.

Formed in 2007, we are are a small team with our office right in the centre of Bath in the UK’s South West; Our clients are worldwide, but predominantly in the UK, with our solutions being a perfect fit for any rapidly scalingg organisation looking to make processes faster and ready to invest now for pay-offs in the near-future as their business grow.

C2S have systems for digital mailroom, accounts payable automation and document management. In fact we have everything you need for an almost [does anyone ever banish paper forever?] paper-less office. We partner with the best software providers in the world as well our creating our own integration tools and utilities and more recently complete systems.

Here's what we do best

Accounts Payables Automation

Every organisation receives supplier invoices. The bigger the business, the higher the volume. And every invoices has to be read, matched, approved and keyed into the accounts system. It's a very logical process and one that lends itself to software and automation. Our suite of tools create an affordable solution for every business and can scale for any volume. We have affordable intelligent OCR, auto-posting into Sage & Xero and beautiful solutions for approvals and purchase ordering.
Many of our solutions for AP are now "pay as you go" with very little hefty up-front costs. We understand this area of business very well and welcome your enquiry to find out how we can help.

Digital Mailroom

If you receive your morning post in a sack we can help you reduce the time it takes to route the mail to the intended recipient. Using software, we can match mail items against case systems or CRM and can classify the type of document so the fee-earner or customer services adviser can receive their tasks faster each day. Through our partnership with ABBYY we are able to provide excellent OCR and classification tools as well as provide bespoke dashboards for you to measure your team's performances and metrics.

Document Management

This tried and tested technology allows any organisation to go paperless or at least less paper. We have partnered with FileDirector for many years and have a large user base that have been impressed with the ease of use and rapid deployment. FileDirector makes scanning easy and allows the centralisation of documents, especially those previously on paper, and the ability to access any documents within a few clicks. One of the major advantages of FileDirector, as our choice document management system, is it's under-valued Process Management module. This provide a fast and easy way of creating custom workflows like approvals or case management. Within minutes, users can be alerted of new documents they need to approve or action

Email Attachment Downloader

The majority of our clients recognise they receive 80% of their supplier invoices by email. This statistic holds true as we are now selling less and less document scanners. In many organsiation, incoming paper isn't the problem. Email and attachments contained within the email is the call to action. We recognized this problem and set about to create the best tool possible to handle any volume of incoming emails into a business. Our Santiago tool can monitor an email account, looking for particular types of emails before extracting the attachments and processing them in the right way. Whether is a 100 attachments a day or 1000 attachments an hour, Santiago is the worker-ant behind the scenes feeding the processing systems you need for automation

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