Sage 50 Invoice Processing

Simple Automation

Stop keying invoices

We have easy-to-use software that’s fast to set up, which will read all your supplier invoices and place them in Sage 50. That’s got to be good, right?

Invoice Reading

Forward your invoices to a unique email address and see them appear in seconds, with all the line items read and coding set. Invoice Processing has never been easier.

Invoice Approvals

Decide on your rules, and then invoices can be routed to the right people with multiple checks for the more expensive items. Make sure all invoices are approved before payment.

Invoice Storage

Keep the process electronic from start to finish with long-term storage of invoice PDFs for HMRC purposes. Free up your office space, and find things in years to come with just a few clicks.

Ladies looking at a construction site

Case Study

Our client is a high-end developer refurbishing properties in central London. They receive 1000+ invoices from the key builders’ merchants every month, so their key initial goals were to save time keying in invoices, improve data accuracy, and, most of all, reduce the time it takes to produce month-end figures.

With construction by nature having a mobile workforce, desktop software wasn’t working for them. Their construction team, including their QS and Site Managers, wanted to approve supplier invoices on the Zahara mobile app, receipt deliveries, and create place-holder purchase orders at Trade Counters. Zahara does all of that.

Within just a few months, Zahara had paid for itself. Invoices were being paid faster and with less effort, and costs were under control as efficiency improvements provided management with a better visual of expected costs.

Case Study

Our client on the West Coast of Ireland manufactures double-glazed windows. They receive over 2000 invoices every month, with the vast majority coming from the same suppliers. At the time of the installation, they still received the vast majority of these invoices through the post, so scanning was essential. Their accounts system was Sage 50, and being close to the border with Northern Ireland, they had a mix of Euros and GBP invoices.

We proposed a C2S solution and tailored the application to suit their requirements. This was all about throughput. People can key invoices relatively quickly in Sage 50, but it’s mind-numbingly tedious and can be inconsistent and inaccurate. Couple that with the manual filing of paper and you have a laborious process. With our solution, they loaded the scanner up, watched as the invoices were read and then quickly exported, flowing into Sage 50.

Man fitting double glazing

Key Benefits to SAGE 50 Invoice Processing

There are many benefits to introducing automation to your accounts payables process.


The most obvious benefit is speed. The ability to get the month-end figures done faster. Whatever your process at the moment, our go-to software choices will make everything faster but not more complicated.


A fully deployed AP Automation solution from C2S can include purchase requisitions that allow you to reject unnecessary spend or purchases from the wrong people at the wrong price.


Remove frustrations that prevent the true-picture status of projects and balances because of delays in processing supplier bills. Rely less on actuals and use actuals with our real-time spend visibility.


An add-on solution for your existing Sage 50 accounts system is good for the bottom line as well. Process more with less effort and control costs. What’s not to like? Oh. And a fast ROI is highly likely as well.

Integrating with Sage 50

Using the right Lego bricks

Sage 50 is desktop software that’s installed on your PC or server. Even though most software solutions are in the cloud today, it’s still possible to integrate with Sage 50 using the API. We have been Sage developers for over 12 years and know Sage 50 inside out. We know every combination of use of Projects, Cost Codes, and Departments, and we have developed the integration so it allows complete flexibility so you can carry on using Sage 50 the way you want to.

Once you have enabled the API, our tool can connect and download or sync your existing data, allowing newly created Purchase Invoices to show in Sage.