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What is FileDirector Document Management?

FileDirector – Cloud-based document management Securely hosted on Microsoft Azure or On-Premise Access through a web browser or Windows client Established German software – 30 years experience Incredibly flexible and versatile Create your own virtual filing cabinet Archive Invoices and POs from Zahara automatically Use for any other type of documents you have Connect up a USB scanner and start scanning Full-text search – prefect for GDPR compliance Export documents out in bulk

Is it time to be truly paperless

FileDirector is an established document management system. Think of it as a virtual filing room. You can archive any document you like, sending them into your Filing cabinet with minimal indexing so you can find them again later

  • Everything in one place
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Established product with 20 years of development
  • Built-in no-code business process automation

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