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Approvals & Workflows

Anytime, any place invoice or purchase approvals by email

Complete Purchase Management

Add control and visibility to your organisational buying

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Digital Mailroom

Automatic classification and routing of scanned post

We are accounts payables automation and digital mailroom specialists.

We manage incoming documents, routing their content into business applications, enabling users to work smarter and faster.

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zahara mobile

Email Attachment Processing

Our ZaharaMail email attachment tool can be used to monitor your email accounts, downloading any filtered attachments and placing them in the right place. Attachments can be renamed, de-crypyted, converted and auto-filed into SharePoint or FileDirector.

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Intelligent OCR Recognition

As platinum partners with ABBYY, who write the world's best OCR software, we can provide software and services to recognise specific items or data in your documents. Once setup, you can save time, effort and money with your existing processes.

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Document Management

The paper-less office is a reality for many organisations. There really is no reason to store or print paper. Our document management systems help you streamline everyday processes whilst centralising access top all your important document and records.

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Invoice Processing

  • Scan, load and read supplier invoices
  • Match against orders - Sage, Zahara, Other
  • Automated Invoice Approval workflows
  • Invoice filing and retrieval
  • Duplication prevention
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Enhanced Purchase Ordering
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  • Faster routing of inbound documents
  • Automatic document classification
  • Automatic case / matter identification
  • Enhanced and improved high-speed scanning
  • Centralised routing of email attachments
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Exception reporting and handling
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Digital Mailroom

Approvals & Workflow

  • Invoice approvals by email
  • Purchase requisition approvals
  • Customer care workflows
  • Case management allocation
  • Easy to setup
  • Fast to learn and use
  • High user adoption rates
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  • Cloud-based - nothing to install
  • Great user experience
  • Control spend, better visibility
  • Easy to use, fast to deploy
  • Analyse who's spending what
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Purchase Management

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