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Makes processing supplier invoice simple and easy. Nothing to install and nothing to learn you can be up and running Immediately. Running in the cloud Invoice Express is the perfect global solution for those that don't need to worry about scanning and don't want to install any additional software. All you need is a Zahara account and to replenish your invoice page count when needed. The elegance and simplicity of Invoice Express make it a joy to use. Your vendor invoices are emailed into Zahara and then read. You work from an Inbox and within a few clicks the invoice can be flowing out for approval or into your finance system. No learning, no templating, just great recognition every time.

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This desktop software allows you to process small batches of invoices including scanning paper ones (remember those!). The software is fast to setup and is an all-in one solution out of the box. The recognition of invoices relies on quality Vendor data and with built-in learning and correction you can soon be processing your invoices faster than ever. Invoice data can then flow into Zahara where it can trigger an approval work-flow or export into your accounts system. Sold together with our SmartSync tool, SmartInvoice is a great solution for those organisations processing 500 - 2000 straight-forward invoices every month.

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Smart Invoice OCR Software helps automate your invoice processing
PC with ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR Invoice Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture is the gold-standard solution for those with heavy volumes of invoices or with sophisticated requirements. Three-way matching, and coding based on recognised values like registration numbers or store postcodes makes this the enterprise choice for many. The software is effectively a blank canvass and we can add any customisations to suit. ERP integrations are typically achieved by serving flat files like CSV, Excel or JSON.

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The paper-less finance team, now geared for home-working, will need a central repository for all of your documents. Invoices are records and need to be stored for at least seven years in a compliant way. One of the best solutions out there is FileDirector - a world-class document management system. FileDirector can be installed on your own servers or you can hot the ground running with a cloud-based solution. Invoices can automatically be filed and indexed from our solutions above, and in addition, you can "scan" and upload all the other documents you need like statements, contracts, pricing and delivery notes.

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PC with FileDirector Document Management


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Our control customers want to remove all surprises from their buying. They want to know about spend as it's begin committed, not when the invoice arrives. Our approvals and purchase orders will benefit you.


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You get 600 Travis Perkins invoices a month and you want them into your accounts system with minimal effort. We do that. You'll be in control as well, but you'll be super efficient and have more time to spend on analysis.

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