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Load your invoices from
email or directly from the

SmartInvoice will extract
the invoice data matching
against any Purchase Orders
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You choose what happens next...


Send the invoice
straight to sage

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Fasttrack approach

The invoices are sent straight to sage

No questions asked


Send invoices
straight to approval

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Invoices are sent to Zahara

Interactive invoice dashboard

Flexible approval using email

Approved invoiced can be
posted in Sage50 Automatically.

How many invoices per month do you process?

Watch the overview video below

  • Scan, load and read supplier invoices
  • Match against orders – Sage, Zahara, Other
  • Automated Invoice Approval workflows
  • Invoice filinng and retrieval
  • Duplication prevention
  • Dashboards & Analytics
  • Enhanced Purchase Ordering

We have “Off the shelf",
“Made to measure" & “Bespoke tailoring"

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