Invoice Processing for Sage 50

Affordable, pay-monthly, Hands FREE AI Processing

Our go to solution for advanced all-in-one invoice processing is Zahara. This cloud-based solution links perfectly to Sage 50 enabling easier invoice processing together with automated workflows:

  • Long term paper-less invoice PDF storage
  • Fast line-item level invoice reading
  • Multi-step approval workflows with automatic invoice exporting to Sage 50
  • Approve, dispute, find, pay - all in one solution
  • Fast to setup - take a trial today
  • Suppliers, Nominals, Projects & Costs Codes all sync
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What is Automated Invoice Processing for Sage 50?

With automated processing, the receiving of the invoice will done by email and the reading and understanding of the data behind the invoice will likely be fully automated. This will give you:

  • Centralised receiving and recognition with low user input
  • Automated workflow rules based on pre-set conditions
  • Multi-step multi-condition approval workflows
  • Automatic importing of invoice into Sage 50

Our software solution takes away the keying in, the storage of the invoice itself and the chasing for the review or approval. Using a desktop tool that install on your Sage 50 server or PC, we talk to Sage 50 and then stay in sync, receiving newly created invoice in Zahara and syncing any new suppliers, projects or nominals.

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Zahara is a great fit for non-stock service businesses

Leisure & Sports Teams

Not for profits - charities & hospices

Care home groups

Construction & Groundwork’s

Events and Festivals

Tech companies

Case Study - UK Construction Company

Our client is a high-end developer refurbishing properties in central London. They receive 1000+ invoices from the key builders merchants every month so their key initial goals were to save time keying in invoices, improve data accuracy, and most of all reduce the amount of time it takes to produce month end figures.

With construction by nature having a mobile workforce, desktop software just wasn't working for them. Their construction team, including their QS and Site Managers wanted to approve supplier invoices on the Zahara mobile app, receipt deliveries and create place-holder purchase orders at Trade Counters. Zahara does all of that.

Within just a few months Zahara had paid for itself. Invoices were being paid faster, with less effort and costs were under control as the efficiency improvements had provided management with a better visual of expected costs.

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Case Study - Irish Manufacturer

Our client on the West Coast of Ireland manufacturers double glazed windows. They receive over 2000 invoices every month with the vast majority coming from the same suppliers. At the time of the installation. they still receive the vast majority of these invoices through the post so scanning was essential. Their accounts system was Sage 50 and being close to the border with Northern Ireland they had a mix of Euros and GBP invoices.

We proposed a C2S solution and tailored the application to suit their requirements. This was all about throughput. People can key invoices relatively quickly in Sage 50 but it's mind numbingly tedious and can be inconsistent and inaccurate. Couple that with the manual filing of paper and you have a laborious process. With our solution they loaded the scanner up then watched as the invoices were read and then quickly exported, flowing into Sage 50.

The key benefit to this solution was accuracy and process. Upon export the invoice is effectively filed as well as being in the accounts ledger ready for payment. If your organisation is expanding, software like Zahara will allow your teams to achieve more and focus their efforts on more important tasks.

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