Document Capture - Key Information

Great document capture software will increase your scanning throughput & efficiency far more than good scanning hardware
Only buy quality scanning hardware from Canon or Kodak
Choose quality capture software from Kofax or ABBYY
Manage your scanned documents using FileDirector

C2S & Capture

C2S started out in 2007 as a scanning bureau. We have learned alot since then, including we no longer wanted to do scanning. It's hard work and not very rewarding. However, what we did learn in those early years is a wealth of information about how to get the most out of software and hardware.

If you are a fledgeling bureau like we were or a company department about to "in-house" a scanning project then we have access to the hardware and software you will need to make your scanning project a success. We have a scanner hire department and we can re-sell hardware from Canon & Kodak - the best value scanners you can buy.

Now, as software developers, it's safe to say our expertise has focused and we know all there is to know about "Capture Software" or software to control a scanner. Whether you want to in-line OCR, zonal OCR, manually index or post scan process, we can share with you the best software tools out there. As a rule of thumb, you will pay just as much money for the software as you will the scanning hardware, but it will save you half the time.

Top Scanning Tip

This one is for free. Only use high-end PC's to run your scanners and scanning software. Never use a low spec PC. You should always use a proper workstation or Mac Pro equivalent. A low spec PC will crash or freeze and can waste hours every day through re-scans and lost work. We know this only too well !