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C2S has been providing software solutions since 2007. We started in Document Management and OCR technologies before creating Zahara, which is now a global hit changing the way organisations control and manage their spend. C2S has evolved from selling respected software to creating our own software and now is a boutique consultancy with a focus on Microsoft Power BI projects as well as supporting our document management customers who have been with us for many years.

Microsoft Power Bi can be daunting to start with. It is an incredibly powerful application that can benefit many organisations by providing a cross-data and cross-application dashboard of all the key metrics. In a typical business the management will want to see sales progress as well as financial positions, in real-time. There is no need to wait until Month-end to see how the business performed. Power Bi allows daily views of progress. C2S will help you achieve this with our experience and background in data transformations

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It used to be about scanning ...

Martin Peirce started C2S back in 2007 providing scanners, scanning solutions and document management software. We still retain the original company name of Click2Scan Ltd but most people know us as C2S. As technology evolved, so did our focus. We progressed from providing standalone "scan and file" solutions into intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. The most beneficial use of this has been the finance team and their invoices. So we signed up as Sage developers and set out to create tailored solutions.

Along the way, we designed and created some software called Zahara. Zahara is now a standalone business and a sister company to C2S. Using the best of Zahara and the best of third party software like FileDirector, we are able to create versatile solutions. Although scanning is less of a requirement these days, and post Covid-19 we hope a dormant requirement - we have many years of experience in this discipline with a wide and varied customer base across the UK and Ireland.