You have to be responsvive ...

By Martin Peirce, 04/01/2017

So we went live with our new look website yesterday. With plenty of help from Pat at Artsanac, we have managed to get our content clearer and our message sharper.

One of the great things about our new layout is how responsive it is. In layman's terms that means it look great on a mobile as well as a desktop browser or tablet. Im not sure what witchcraft Pat and his team use but we are amazed and really pleased with the result.

Talking of responsive, we were inundated with enquiries yesterday. Was the pent up demand from Christmas? Was our website trending world-wide (unlikely) or is 2017 looking good? Who knows but we responded to all of them in our targeted 90 minutes and made sure our Australian and US partners were getting pricing out and demos arranged for us as quickly as they could.


responsive home page


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