Get Print Runs sent by email - Key Features

Variable Data Printing
No need to print, email instead
Fully automated processing
Works with your existing systems
Low cost, fast ROI
Unlimited page count
Unlimited use - perpetual licence
Get better printed output that can be emailed instead

Save money on postage with our ERP variable data printing

variable data printing - emailed invoices

Variable data printing - it's time to save on paper

If you’re not emailing invoices or statements out to your customers yet, you’re missing out on a cost cutting trick that could save you a fortune in postage costs. But some accounts or ERP systems will only allow invoices to be printed and that’s not at all helpful. Variable data printing is the answer.

An affordable alternative

We have the answer – DocForm from Prism Software – it’s a server application that monitors a printer, a folder or a port for a recognised document type such as an invoice. It can then recreate that document as a PDF file, ready for emailing to your customer.

Flexible Rules

And don’t worry if not all your customers are geared for receiving emailed invoices or statements – we can set up parameters for print or PDF production. It makes a big difference to your workflow and cuts the amount you spend on postage.

Super fast ROI

How much do you spend on posting invoices or statements each month? And on the paper you need to print the invoices on? And the envelopes to carry the invoices? It’s not difficult to see the incredible financial benefits of adopting DocForm. With 80% of all invoices now being emailed, please don't be one of the "legacy" suppliers who slow down their customers processes by refusing to email them. If it's time to change, do it now and start saving money.

docform - variable data printing

Don't print it ...

  • Emailed invoices from converted PDF output
  • Emailed statements from converted PDF output
  • Document conversion - design your workflow
  • Document auto-filing - choose to save print runs
  • Variable data printing - make print better
  • Data merging - bring in other data sources
  • Add promotions and excitement to your documents
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DocForm - FAQ's

How does it work?
We take the print output from your accounts or ERP system and interrogate it. We then re-create the document as a PDF and merge in any promotions or messages you wish to add. We then check to see if the recipient has an email address and bingo - if they do, it's emailed to them.

Can you file printed output as well?
Yes. As part of the process, we can auto-file any documents into a specific location or into a document management system, named to suit, or fully indexed.

How much does it cost?
The price is very affordable but varies on the size of the installation you need. Get in touch and we will work it out for you. What we will say is the price is amazingly good and the ROI incredible.

Who uses it?
Anyone with an ERP system that creates "old fashioned" printed output using dot matrix or multi-set prints. This software allows you to print onto laser or PDF and then create a custom workflow to suit.

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