Scan to SharePoint - Key information

Whether you need a document scanner that will release documents into a SharePoint library or a complete enterprise-wide document capture solution, C2S have the knowledge and resources to help you with the right handware and software combination.

Scanning to SharePoint

Low Volumes - document Scanners

canon logo for sharepoint

When it comes to scanning hardware, our recommendation is to buy Canon. As Canon scanner partners, we can provide scanners at trade prices. Most of the Canon scanners come with Capture OneTouch that has a connector for SharePoint. This means documents can be released into a SharePoint library very easily.


Medium Volumes - Kofax Express

kofax express for sharepoint

C2S are experts with Kofax Express - a versatile document scanning application. We can show you how to get the best from this software and how to double or even treble the productivtiy of your existing scanning. And when it comes to the price, we will be able to offer the best pricing for the software as well.


High Volumes - Enterprise Solutions

ABBYY for sharepoint

Our choice and recommendation for the enterprise user will lay with our partners ABBYY. They have a choice of solutions that all release documents into SharePoint. There is ABBYY FastCapture, ABBYY FlexiCapture and ABBYY Recognition server. With an emphasis on processing and conversion the ABBYY software will roll out across the enterprise from the Mailroom down to the end users at their desks. Call us to find out more.


SharePoint - email attachments

Santiago email

Our Santiago email attachment downloader can release email attachments like PDF's and word directly into your library. The available meta data - like date, subject, sender and filename can also be used to index the document in the document libraries. Santiago runs as a Windows service server tool and can transform the way an organisation processes it's incoming documents.