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Scanfile was launched in 1995 and was sold widely across the world. The software vendors, Spielberg successfully launched its successor FileDirector in 2004. If you are still a Scanfile user we offer and urge you to choose one of the two options below.

Scanfile Exporter

scanfile exporter

If it’s time to get your documents out of Scanfile, our Scanfile exporter tool is the tool of choice. It is a fault tolerant batch exporter. Point it at a folder of Scanfile .scf folders and it will power through, extracting indexing data into CSV format and assembling multi-page tiff files that are then references in the CSV alongside all of the indexing. You can also amalgamate similar folders – say all of your invoice folders – into a master export and convert the document types to PDF as well.


The Scanfile exporter is licensed on a per month basis and discounts are available dependent on how much time you wish to license it for.

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The best upgrade path from Scanfile is to move over to FileDirector. This is a SQL based Windows server solution that is available to all your teams and colleagues using a web browser, mobile apps and of course a Windows client. All of the functionality of Scanfile but with a much better UI / UX.

  • Scale-able document management system
  • Access from any device at any time
  • Data migration tools from Scanfile
  • Discounted Pricing for Scanfile users
  • Mature, fault-tollerant software
  • Single user to thousands of users
  • Flexible approvals and workflows

You can find out more by visiting our dedicated
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