Purchase Orders for Sage 50

Easily create purchase orders for everyday buying

Not all of us are manufacturing and buying stock. So if you are a Sage 50 user looking for a nice way to create purchase orders and send them to your suppliers, with optional approval workflows for more expensive items, look no further.

  • Easy to use cloud-based software
  • Perfect for buying non-stock expenses
  • Mobile app for trade counter purchases
  • Workflows for sending PO's to the right suppliers
  • Control what your teams can buy and who they can buy it from
  • Get an instant visual of who's spending the company money
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Purchase order approvals

Create purchase orders that use conditional workflows

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Why not use Sage 50 for POs?

Sage 50 is clunky at best. It's OK for the finance team but you wouldn't want your buyers logging in and raising PO's would you? Its also desktop software so no prospect at all of someone using it on a mobile app or on their tablets. So this is where our solution comes in. Zahara is elegant cloud-based software. You can use it on any device at any time. It's easy to use and each user accounts permissions can be tailored for their role. This means Sage 50 can be used for its purpose - the P&L - and Zahara can be used for controlling your spending.

  • Raise purchase requests that convert into Purchase Orders
  • Use multi-step approval workflows to control what’s purchased
  • Receipt deliveries easily so finance know what's been received
  • Control spend and pricing with supplier product lists

Zahara links with Sage 50 so that all your key information is synced and the suppliers invoice can easily be recorded and linked to the purchase order for an easier payment process. In fact, if you use Sage 50 and you want to be paperless and more efficient, there is every reason to take a trial and get started today.

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Zahara is a great fit for non-stock service businesses

Leisure & Sports Teams

Not for profits - charities & hospices

Care home groups

Construction & Groundwork’s

Events and Festivals

Tech companies

Department & Project Budgets

Would it be good if you could create a budget for say your marketing department or your IT department and then every time they want to buy something they can see how much they have spent so far and what they can still spend now? Or how about creating a budget for a Project or Job so that you can see the jobs profit change as more purchases are applied?

Well that's what you get with a departmental or Project budget from Zahara. A real-time visual of all spend which helps finance understand their incoming commitments. Zahara helps you control costs through multi-site approvals and the use of budgets. And the two link together so perhaps spend as you need to but if you go over budget an approval will be triggered.

Zahara has largely been built on the back of great ideas from the UK dominant customer base. It's designed and built in the UK for Sage 50 centric users.

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What are you waiting for? Receipt Deliveries

Perhaps you don't have deliveries in the true sense of the word but receipting your purchases adds a real benefit to the finance team. It gives them an instant visual of what's been received or how much of the item has been received. And that's important because it answers one of the key accounts payable questions for every invoice received:

  • Who ordered this?
  • Have we received it?
  • How do I code it?
  • Who's budget is it?
  • Can I pay it?

Receipting in Zahara is easy. Anyone can do it in the web app or mobile app. If you run field based projects and the site reps are receiving deliveries they can receipt on the mobile app taking photographs of the delivery note. This provides finance with a real-time visual on commitments. By logic, if something is receipted an invoice is incoming and can be accrued

So with Zahara, which C2S resell as a trusted partner, you have buying control with approval workflows and budgets and better visibility with receipting.

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