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Cloud-based software - nothing to install Sync with Sage, Xero & ERP Raise order requisitions Spend threshold approvals by email Send PO's to suppliers automatically Record deliveries (GRN) Record spend against projects Manage spend using budgets Intelligent duplicate spend prevention Invoice processing & Matching Accounts updating (Sage 50 & Xero) Easy to use, fast to deploy

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Zahara PO - why you need to change

Better than you know

When it comes to buying, most organisations make do with the clunky, stock-focused purchasing module from their accounts system. Or some awkward combination of Word or Excel document. But what if you don't by raw materials? What if it could be easier and faster? Many non-manufacturing organisations including charities, hospitality, schools, construction and business services companies need to buy everyday things like laptops, flights, cleaning products and approve spend on maintenance, or customer projects. No matter what you buy, it's good business practice to make sure spend is approved before the supplier gets your order. Zahara makes buying better. You can create custom approval workflows that involve more people as the order value rises. So when Bob needs to buy a new boiler for your south-west care home, Dan the regional manager can sign it off whilst he's travelling to work. Having browsed our website, it won't have escaped your notice the C2S are accounts payable specialists. We use the words "experts" with caution, but experience tells us that accounts payable automation can only be achieved when spend is pre-approved. And for that reason, you need a fast, fabulous ordering system. So take a look at Zahara

More control, more power

Zahara gives control to your buying. You can control who buys what and how much they can spend. You can setup layered approval processes that involve more people when the spend rises. Zahara also accommodates cost codes, projects and a full suite of analysis reports. You can see where you are spending the most money and who in the company is spending the most. Your accounts team will love it as well, as every invoice can be easily cross-checked against the order and recorded deliveries. Enough reading! You need to find out more, so book an online demonstration ...

Invoice Processing Made Easy

We have our OCR tools to scan and read supplier invoices and these can be released directly into Zahara. However, our built-in invoice processing for smaller volumes is also far more simple and user-friendly than your existing accounts. You can quickly record invoices against and order or standalone invoices. Drag over the PDF as well for online filing. And then when you are ready you can export the invoice data either directly into your accounts (Sage 50, Xero) or via flat files (QuickBooks, Sage 200,) or to a local ODBC database on your network. The built-in invoice approvals are also designed to work with every combination of requirement. That could be a simple binary approval of Yes or No. It could also be the Hedge Fund company that needs to assign a 200 line Addison Lee invoice to the 96 active projects. With our knowledge of AP, you can trust us to make sure our own built-in invoice processing is flexible, fast, friendly and scalable.


Zahara is affordable. You can pay monthly or annually with no expensive up-front costs. We charge based on how many active users you will have and your likely transaction level. For a small charge, we can also set up your account and stage your data. We have a range of happy clients from all over the world using Zahara. To find out more, or join the growing community, visit the dedicated Zahara site and submit a pricing enquiry.

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Zahara is controlling spend for ...

  • UK Pharma Company
  • UK Pub Group
  • US Oil Company
  • UK Holiday & Travel Company
  • Dutch fashion retailer
  • Portuguese plant wholesaler
  • UK Bio Energy Company
  • UK Construction Company
  • US Manufacturing Company
  • US Hotel Chain
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Zahara FAQs

How easy is it to setup? Very. You can do a one-off import of your suppliers, users, ledger codes, products and more and create your custom workflows in no time at all. Some of our very large users are up and running in days rather than weeks. How do we integrate it with our ERP We have a number of tools we use. We have some direct integrations but most common is to use our ODBC server sync tool that moves data up and down from your local network to Zahara which is cloud-based Can we pay monthly for this?Yes. We have a subscription / pay as you go model so you can setup a direct debit with us and pay monthly


Our client contacted us to discuss an invoice processing solution. As a care home provider, they had numerous sites across the UK and had failed to find a convincing purchase order software to meet their needs. However, they wanted a system that would give them flexibility but control as well. We showcased Zahara and they were hooked. The flexibility Zahara offered coupled with the functionality and competitive pricing, made it a winner for them. After full deployment, 200 staff are using the system with advanced approval processes for both Purchase Orders and any unmatched invoices. This has sped up the process of procuring important goods. However, it has helped the finance department track and approve the company’s spending. So now they have greater control over the costs in their business. This has provided the directors of the business with greater peace of mind. Knowing that their purchasing is managed correctly.
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