Order processing
  • How many orders a day do you process ?
  • Do you offer web based ordering ?
  • How many lines make up a typical order ?
  • How big is your order management team ?
  • What’s the cost of processing an order ?

How much does it really cost to process your sales orders ?

Here’s what we can offer you ..

  • Software can read your emailed orders and extract the data into your order system
  • Convert faxed orders into data faster
  • Make Excel orders interact better with your database or ERP
  • Make off-line ordering as easy as on-line

More staff ? Again ? Automation is an alternative

If your order processing team is working at capacity and you are reluctant to take on more people, adding to the cost of sale, then why not look at software to streamline the process. If your orders require manual processing , especially of each line item, we may be able to help. We have clever software that can be set up to read your orders – whether in an email message, on a PDF or even an excel spreadsheet. Your staff can then process more each day assisted by a silent partner who will do most of the “keying in" for you.

Plan for the next phase of growth now

We understand you are planning for growth and are keen to improve the productivity of your team or reports; there is only so much KPI’s and incentives can achieve. At some point your team will reach capacity and with holidays and sickness it may sometimes feel like an up-hill struggle.

Our role is to work with you and create a solution that works in at least two ways: new systems must be easy to work with and fast to learn; also the pay back time needs to be quick. We understand what makes for a great investment, we can help. Please talk to us to discuss what’s required and what’s achievable right now.

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