Helping the NHS stay paper-less

Streamline your information

If there’s one very effective way of improving efficiencies within the NHS it’s through better management of information.

  • Patient records
  • Customer surveys
  • Accounting invoices

Manage the digital push

This information can be managed, monitored and controlled more effectively if it exists in digital format. We work with NHS Trusts to introduce systemised processes, converting paper records into electronic files, using our electronic document management systems.

Patient records

Patient records can be kept up to date, distributed and acted upon in a fraction of the time it takes for paper records to be handled. It improves accuracy, reduces time delays and helps you deliver a much improved customer experience.

Patient Surveys

Measuring performance targets and customer satisfaction is a lot easier with electronic questionnaires – data is more easily assimilated, and results can be acted on more quickly. It helps deal with problems and improve assessment results. Our systems are easy to implement and use, giving you the freedom to keep this process in-house, elevating the costs of outsourcing whilst putting you in control.


High volumes of invoices need efficient handling. Our intelligent invoice processing software has the capability to process such a vast workload. Paper invoices can be scanned and entered with ease, whilst the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software gets to work identifying the relevant data (invoice date, invoice number and value) to post to your accounts software.

Emailed invoices can be set to automatically download, relevant data extracted and posted to your accounts software too. Very little keying is necessary.And the approvals process is far more efficient – with just a few clicks, invoices can be distributed, approved and returned for posting. And crucially, management have the level of management information they need to monitor and control budgets.

C2S have it covered

Here at Click2Scan we have the all the technology – hardware and software – you need to implement a streamlined management system for flow of information, between departments and with the public. Talk to us about your challenges, and we’ll share with you our experiences of working with NHS Trusts, and how we’ve helped them improve services, cut costs and save huge amounts of time. We’ll take you on an efficiency drive like no other!

Our NHS solutions

If the plan it to go paper-less, make sure you are talking to the right vendors:

  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Digital Mailroom Scanning
  • Questionnaire & Recognition Software
  • Scanners & Scanner Maintenance
  • Scanfile Support – All Versions
  • Approvals & Workflows

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