Our Team

Whilst head of the pack, Martin is also a hands-on guy, keen to improve business performance by setting a good example in all departments.

C2S is Martin’s passion, and expanding the company’s capabilities in terms of product development and expansion is where he focuses the bulk of his time and effort.

Martin has grown the business from the roots up, and promotes a culture of hard work, dedication and team collaboration throughout the business. He’s not in the least complacent, and strives to help clients by exploring the development of new technology to bring even greater product features in the future.

Martin says "I'm proud of our internal systems and that we have just one paper document in the company – the registration document of my car!"

In Jeremy we have access to a smart, quick brain with an obsession for new technology. He’s motivated by the time and cost saving benefits that innovation brings, and loves the difference it makes not only to the service we provide for our clients, but to the increase in efficiency in our own operations too.

Jeremy thrives on customer contact, going in to clients to assess the issues they face and specifying the exact products they need to help them streamline their workflow.

Jeremy has been with the company from day one, and even penned the name that says exactly what we do. A self confessed fan of the colour orange, hence our orange logo, it's become a bit of an obsession and clouded his judgement on last year's laptop replacement (it's not a Mac).

Louise is all about the detail. And that's just as well as she runs our consumer photo scanning division. If asked, she will says she's a proud mum first and foremost and a company director a distant second.

Her input to the growth of the business has been invaluable, as every detail is scrutinised and every decision challenged. That's her prerogative as Martin's wife of course.

New customers are in good hands with Nick, he is the man who’s mission it is to help clients through the buying process. He’ll assess hardware and software needs, oversee installations, staff training and after sales care (despite his title, he can’t help it!)

Nick has a ‘can-do’ attitude to most challenges and is the guy that most turn to when they need help around the office.

He’s happiest when with customers, because he knows that C2S products can make such a difference to their operations, and finding answers to their issues is one of the best parts of the job.
Nick says "I’m the Swiss army knife of the office’, useful in any situation" – what would we do without him!

James Godden provides the glue in our solutions and what a strong permanent glue it is! As a developer, he creates robust beautiful code that makes amazing stuff happen. That's how we see it but he's far too modest to ever say that.

James brought a wealth of development knowledge and expertise to our team - just don't ask to speak to him when his codes mis-behaving though!

As Director of Awesome, James leads our motto - #JMIW (Just Make It Wonderful). Making sure that everything we do is awesome, elegant and the best that it can be!

Will Andrews - Software Developer

Anne brings a sense of calm to the implementation team, making sure customer projects are deployed carefully.

Carl Spring - Support Engineer

Ciaron Powis - Customer Services

Daniel is the studious type that runs on binary and strong coffee.

He has a holistic approach to programming and is responsible for developing our systems including Zahara, our document dashboard.