Santiago Email Attachment Downloader - Key Features

Download email attachments automatically
Filter on the emails you want
Extract attachments
Render emails as PDF's
Decrypt PDF's
Rename files to suit
Auto-file in SharePoint or FileDirector
Runs as a service 24 x 7

Enterprise-class automatic email attachment processing with Santiago

Santiago email

How are you saving your attachments?

Santiago is a rules based email workflow tool. Create filters to get the attachments or emails you want, leaving behind the stuff you don't need. Once setup you can leave Santiago to run silently as Windows service, as it processes thousands of email attachments every day.

With Santiago you get all of your supplier invoices flowing straight into your Accounts Payable Workflow. All inbound customer emails and attachment can be filtered and pushed to the right people or departments. As incoming paper documents decline, automating and managing inbound documents is much easier with Santiago

Start your Digital Mailroom with inbound client case files can being pushed to the right fee earner with simple filtering and rules.

Santiago email

Every day uses for Santiago email tool ...

  • Download emailed supplier invoices
  • Download order confirmations
  • Download purchase orders
  • Auto-file supplier statements
  • Auto-file remittance advices
  • Auto-file emailed POD's
santiago email

Santiago FAQ's

How much does it cost?
We price Santiago based on the number of attachments per year you expect to process. The starting price is £650 / $895

Do you offer support?
Yes. The Enterprise and Enterprise + editions are fully supported as the tool becomes a key part of your workflow.

How reliable?
Once setup, Santiago will run as a Windows service, 24 x 7, quietly doing it's job. We are at version 3.0 so the software is well refined now.

Can you transform the attachments?
Yes. A key part of the process is attachment conversion - perhaps decrypting a PDF or changing Word or Excel files to PDF. There are a number of options.

Some of our key Santiago users

Our client has 120+ high-street travel branches. Every booking results in countless confirmations being emailed to them. Every attachments is processed through Santiago at the rate of over 1000 emails per hour.

Our client processes 100 + documents per hour emailed to them. Their case management system is fed by Santiago.

We wrote Santiago for the accounts department. We recognised our invoice processing systems couldn't fully automate unless the supplier invoices were detached from email and placed in the right location. Although many systems offer this functionality, the USP with Santiago is its advanced filtering - this means you can leave behind the attachments you dont want - like reports or terms and condition PDF's. Our intelligent approach makes for better processing.

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