Paper, paper, everywhere …


Win the war on paper

Have you ever seen a solicitor’s office that isn’t full up with paper documents, witness statements, case notes and sensitive files? And every bit is important in its own way, sometimes crucial to a case.

Join the future

So, what’s to be done with all of this paper in this era of new technology?

All can be kept safe and secure via electronic document management – the digital way to archive, store, share and access information with ease.


Where we begin

It all starts with Digital Mailroom – the facility to scan, store and distribute mail as it arrives into the business. It reduces time delays waiting for post to arrive on desks, and it means your fee-earners can provide a quicker, more efficient service for your customers.

What we use

Powerful and sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will learn how to classify your documents so they are routed to the right people without delay.


What this means

And with all documents relevant to a case stored according to your internal filing protocol, you and any of your authorised colleagues have the convenience of working more on your terms, accessing notes from anywhere, even when on the move.

All of the existing paperwork that’s made a home in your office can be transferred to digital format with ease. It’s something we’d be more than happy to help you with here at C2S – after all, you’d want to be fully up and running from day one wouldn’t you!

We can have literally thousands of documents scanned and filed inside of a week, delivering virtually instant time saving benefits to you and your team.

Electronic Document Management will bring serious benefits to your business, no doubt about it. To find out more, please contact us, we’d like to know more about your business, and its current challenges, so we can recommend the best possible configuration for your business.


Digital Mailroom

If your firm receives sacks of mail each day then it’s possible the documents that matter aren’t getting onto the desk until well after 11am.

This is what we hear when we visit law firms up and down the country. If your mailroom team has to open all of this and then wait for a partner to come and inspect and sift through it before it can get through to the fee-earners to start acting upon it. Some of the documents could be high priority or could be a complaint.

How would your productivity change if your fee-earners were working on these documents by 9:30am? How much easier would it be if all documents were routed through to your case management system, more quickly and more easily ?

Our solutions help speed up any existing scanning you’re already doing by automatically classifying the documents using affordable and powerful OCR software. Documents can then be routed to the right people by email or individual workflows triggered.

The larger your firm the more likely a digital mailroom is on your radar. C2S have solutions for every requirement or volume with a modular approach so you only pay for the licenses you need now, with scope to expand at any time.


Our biggest competitor at C2S is often the status quo – “we’ve always done it like this”. Please talk to C2S If you think a slow process can be improved in your organisation.


Jeremy Burgess is our Digital Mailroom specialist and works with law firms across the UK.

Give Jeremy a call on 0207 084 5738 to discuss your situation and goals.

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