Kofax Express Sign
  • Five based on scanner speed
  • Advanced batch scanning
  • Export searchable PDF’s
  • Separate on Barcodes / QR codes
  • Export to SharePoint
  • Manual or OCR / ICR Indexing
  • Price starts at £369 + support


Kofax Express is priced by the speed of your scanner. The entry level version is for 20 page per minute desktop scanners, with the same capability as the version we use in our scanning bureau. There are 5 different price points.


When you buy Kofax Express, the first year’s support is compulsory and will cover support and backup from the Kofax developers, plus access to any future versions released in the 12 month period of your support.


  • Desktop Edition
  • Workgroup
  • Low volume Production
  • Mid Volume Productions
  • Production

Why you need it

Kofax Express is all about productivity. We use it in our scanning bureau. Before though, we had some other application that would crash or hang and slow us down. This software runs all day long, allowing far greater productivity.

It’s for the advanced user, who needs more capability than standard scanner software.

Why buy this from C2S ?

Quite simply, we know this software inside out. We use it ourselves, and support customers up and down the country. We also know it’s capabilities and limits. This software’s all about getting the most from your high-speed scanner. It’s not about intelligent processing and lifting data off the page. ABBYY FlexiCapture is far superior for that. This is about creating scanned files, with useful or helpful filenames say, that are searchable PDF’s and putting them in the right location. Perhaps a hierarchical folder structure or even SharePoint.

Who is this software for ?

Anybody embarking on a big scanning project or has a daily scanning volume of several thousand pages that needs to be done quickly. Let’s face it, the software that comes with your scanner – like Canon Capture One Touch or Capture Perfect is pretty good, so this software is for those left wanting more. Usually that will involve barcode separation or some form of intelligent indexing.

What’s the price ?

Firstly we will price match. If some online company has it available, (but realistically, with no knowledge of the product whatsoever, which will be really helpful when you come to set it up !) then we will match whatever price they have. The typical price for the low volume production version, that is suitable for the fantastic Canon DR-G1100 is going to be around £1500 for the software and £300 for support (plus VAT). The best thing though is to call us and let us check the latest price as it does fluctuate due to the Euro, and the version you need for your scanner.

The question you should ask us though is “what’s the best way of me solving this problem", not what’s the lowest price. We can then share with you the best way to improve your document processing, and make you look great so your team all admire you !

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