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On 1 April 2015 Knowology became part of C2S and is the Digital Mailroom brand.




C2S Simplify business operations through the seamless integration and management of documents and information into your business.
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Automating large volumes inbound post handling can be enhanced with the addition of intelligent classification and recognition.
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Whether you run a shared service centre or an expanding accounts department, automation can save you time as well as your sanity.
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With colleagues located across different time-zones or continents, paper-based approvals just aren’t fit for purpose.
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Hand-written surveys and reports can be much processed faster in-house with easy to use software.
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Running out of space ? We provide the tools or a take-away service so you can convert paper into new office space.
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Archive your printed documents before they become paper or email your customers their invoices saving on print costs.
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No need to manually download attachments. Our system can monitor inboxes collecting on the files you need.
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Invoice Processing Systems

How can you process invoices faster ? Watch the video above.
  • Invoice Approval

    You can get your purchase invoices approved faster and more cheaply when you route them around your business electronically.
  • Invoice Matching

    Electronically match your invoices against your PO's and make sure you never pay an invoice twice. Our solutions are flexible and fast to deploy.
  • Accounts Updating

    We can update your accounts system automatically or create new invoice entries in many system including Sage 200 and Sage 50.
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Digital Mailroom

How can you process your mail in half the time ?
  • Paper & Emails

    All inbound documents can be processed faster and with more accuracy. No matter whether it's the morning post or a monitored inbox.
  • Auto Classification

    Our software can classify your documents, sorting the complaints from the contracts and the questionnaires from the queries.
  • Data Extraction

    Automatic indexing and filing from found values like client ID's, matter numbers or references. Your case systems can be updated automatically.
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Approvals & Workflow

Get your documents actions in a fraction of the time ?

  • No more paper

    Our approval solutions use email removing the need to photo copy invoices and expense forms and any other document that needs sign-off.
  • Full audit-trail

    With electronic approvals, you can audit how quickly approvers respond, setting reminders and time-outs so the processes can work faster.
  • On the go

    Delays are a thing of the past as approvers can actions documents while traveling to work using their smart phones or tablets.
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Document Management

How do you control the paper flow ? Watch above.
  • Everything in one place

    Centralise all of your documents whether they are financial, HR, logistics or QA. A Virtual filing cabinet accessible from any device will enhance productivity.
  • Faster Scanning

    Improve scanning and archiving with bar codes, zonal OCR and simplified indexing using database look-ups.
  • Faster retrieval

    Find what you need in a few clicks - with indexing, documents are filed away with their logical information like invoice numbers, job numbers or POD numbers.
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