Xero Invoice Processing Systems - Key Features

Scan or load supplier invoices from email
Recognise suppliers and headline information
Optional Zahara purchase order matching & line item recognition
Auto-posting of Bills to Drafts, Awaiting Approval orApproved
Fully linked and synced with Zahara Purchase Management
Duplicate invoice prevention
Optional invoice approval by email
Full control, analysis and accountability
Quick-click retrieval and viewing of invoice PDF's

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Xero AP Automation - why it's time to act

Making Xero better again

You chose Xero because it has the right balance between ease of use and functionality. No matter how great Xero is to use, you still have to key in supplier Bills or manually match Bills to any Purchase Orders you have raised. Our OCR and Approval tools not only make the keying and recording of Bills faster, they fill the approval hole that Xero left when it failed to add in an email approval process. Our own Zahara is fully integrated to Xero (Feb 2017 release date) and allows more control over the approval process.

You can scan or load your supplier invoices, match them against any PO's raised in Zahara (like Xero but better) and then export the Bill into Zahara for approval. When all done, simply select and post straight to Xero at any stage you like - Draft to Approved.

More control, more power

Some of our competitor solutions are too simplistic and some are too complicated. We try and strike the balance. With the Xero AP solution from C2S, you will be in control. We offer best in class OCR recognition together with full Xero integration through our own Zahara Purchase Management system. If you like Xero, you will love the additional control and enterprise functionality our tool-set provides.

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Multi-tasking magic

Although your existing manual method of processing invoices can be very quick and impressive, our solutions will help police your accuracy as well. But the magic really happens when the software does multiple things at once. For example, every invoice process could include writing the Bill into Xero, filing the PDF away in a document management system for HMRC compliance, triggering an approval process, updating the Zahara system and writing to an audit database to prevent duplicates being processed.

Now, your staff are good but they can't do four or five things at once. While they are working on their next task, the software is quietly running, processing and recording.

What they say ...

“The OCR tool you provided, is allowing me to scan and post my invoices into Xero in half the time. I've got far more time for analysis now I'm not forever keying in invoices. " John Collins, Think Drinks, Xero User.

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Document Management Approvals & Workflows
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Our Xero solutions can includes ...

  • Built-in scanning of invoices
  • Automatic email attachment downloading of invoice PDF’s
  • Full supplier synchronization and advanced recognition
  • Correction and learning mode to enhance recognition
  • Line item recognition and purchase order matching
  • Direct export into Xero using Zahara
  • Approval workflows for any selected invoices
  • Document Management for compliant, paper-less storage of all paper-work
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Xero FAQs

Do you integrate with Xero directly?
Our OCR tool is a Windows desktop tool so we export all Bills into Zahara - our own Cloud-based purchase management system and dashboard. From here you can use the email approvals or select Bills and export them into Xero - cloud to cloud. It works great.

Do I need the approval solution?
It’s optional but does allow for electronic approvals by email filling that gaping hole in Xero.

Do I need to keep paper records
No you don't. You need to keep records, but they dont need to be paper-based. One of the benefits of our solutions is less paper.

Can we pay monthly for this?Yes, our smaller solutions (under 300 invoices a month) are very affordable and even the fully-integrated, high-volume solutions we sell can be purchased on a 3, 4 or 5 year lease.

Paper-less approvals save time and effort

Our approval workflow solutions allows you to send invoices out for approval or comment by email. Your senior staff can approve on their mobiles without having to logon. We can send daily digest reminders so nobody forgets. Suppliers are happier as you can pay them faster, and disputes can be resolved more easily saving you time and money.

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