Invoice Processing - Key Features

Scan or load invoices from email Recognise suppliers and headline information Optional purchase order matching & line item recognition Auto-posting to accounts system or ERP Duplicate invoice prevention Optional invoice approval routines Full control, analysis and accountability

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We can integrate with ...

Our systems save time, effort & money

An invoice processing solution from C2S will improve accuracy, prevent duplicate entry and reduce paper storage

Invoice automation - why it's time to act


Software is all about making things better and our invoice solutions will do just that for you. Although manual entry can be fast, our tools are checking for accuracy - making sure numbers add up, tax rates are valid and invoices haven't already been processed. So when the data is passed over to your accounts system, all of the data will be verified and valid. The OCR accuracy is also incredibly accurate and doesn't require much if any templating. We can find everything on the page including purchase order numbers, line items and specific data you need like site addresses or vehicle registrations.

Importing Invoices Into Your Accounts System

Although we have direct integrations with Sage 50, Sage 200 & Xero, we can work with most accounts systems that support open standards like CSV, ODBC and XML. Once the import routine has been setup, your suppliers invoices will be easily imported into your accounts or ERP OCR engine You can choose when to release your invoice data into your accounts system as well. You might want ledgers updated immediately or after an approval process. Our bespoke systems can be tailored to work the way that suits you best.

Multi-tasking magic

Although your existing manual method of processing invoices can be very quick and impressive, as we say above, our solutions will police your accuracy as well. But the magic really happens when the software does multiple things at once. For example, every invoice process could include writing the invoice onto the general / nominal ledger, filing the PDF away in a document management system for HMRC compliance, triggering an approval process, updating the ordering system and writing to an audit database to prevent duplicates being processed. Now, your staff are good but they can't do four or five things at once. While they are working on their next task, the software is quietly running, processing and recording.

What they say ...

“I hope you are well, I was just using File Director and thinking how good all the scanning/ document management and Sage entry is. A very big thank you it really saves so much time." David Blight – Empire Design.
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All C2S solutions can includes ...

  • Built-in scanning of invoices
  • Automatic email attachment downloading of invoice PDF’s
  • Full supplier synchronization and advanced recognition
  • Correction and training mode to enhance recognition
  • Line item recognition and purchase order matching
  • Flexible exports into any accounts system
  • Approval workflows for non PO or disputed invoices
  • Document Management for compliant paper-less storage of all paper-work
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Do you integrate with Sage 50? Yes. we are Sage developers and have a tight integration with Sage 50 Do I need the approval solution? It’s optional but does allow for electronic approvals and PDF storage of the invoice Do I need to keep paper records No you don't. You need to keep records, but they dont need to be paper-based. One of the benefits of our solutions is less paper. Can we pay monthly for this?Yes, our smaller solutions are very affordable and even the highly sophisticated, high-volume solutions we sell can be purchased on a 3, 4 or 5 year lease.

Paper-less approvals save time and effort

Our approval workflow solutions allows you to send invoices out for approval or comment by email. Your senior staff can approve on their mobiles without having to logon. We can send daily digest reminders so nobody forgets. Suppliers are happier as you can pay them faster, and disputes can be resolved more easily saving you time and money.
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