• Export invoices into Kashflow
  • Supplier Synchronization
  • Invoice Retrieval Link
  • Duplication prevention
  • Integrated optional approvals

For the advanced Kashflow user

If like C2S you have been using Kashflow for a number of years and your business has grown along with your invoice volumes, you may appreciate that automation saves time and money and frankly any cost is considered provided savings can be demonstrated. Well, the good news is our Kashflow integration is extremely affordable but you can’t have world class OCR invoice software for £17 a month like Kashflow itself. What you can do though is incredible and provides a level of control and detail that you wont get from a cloud based receipt bank service.

Manual Keying Takes Time

Whether you receive invoices via the post, or electronically, they still need to be posted to Kashflow. And that can be a laborious process, fraught with potential for errors and omissions. So, it’s good to know that accurate automated posting is possible with ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 for Invoices.

It can be so much faster

It will save a huge amount of time, and as invoices will be posted more quickly, will give management the virtual real time financial information they need to make timely, pertinent key decisions.

How it works

ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 will identify certain ‘headline’ information – Supplier name, date, invoice number, vat registration number and so on. Suppliers are matched with records in Kashflow and numbers validated

Verification & Validation

Everything is checked and verified so nothing can be posted into Kashflow if set rules are broken. We can ensure no invoices are posted twice as well which saves your organistion time and money.

Invoice Approvals

Of course it’s important to seek approval of invoices from relevant departments or individuals, and this is an integral part of the automated process. We have a range of options to suit your budget including flexible approval routines and a complete dashboard with traffic lights. If your buyers need to approve the invoices, manually checking invoices, then our solutions can pay for themselves in no time. Your staff can spend more time claiming credits and less time keying endless data.

Purchase Order Matching

Kashflow allows you to create purchase orders and send them off to your supplier. We can find your PO number on the page and then advise whether you have posted this invoice already, or whether the PO value differs from the invoice. Existing POs can be easily updated as soon as the invoice arrives.

Emailed Invoices

With more and more organisations choosing to send their invoices by email, our Santiago tool can be set to run silently, downloading attachments ready for FlexiCapture. It can even filter out unwanted attachments like Terms & Condition PDF’s or remittance advices. The rules engine means you can set it up however you need it, automating the flow of invoices into FlexiCapture.

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