Why should I talk to C2S about accounts payable automation ?

C2S have scalable solutions for every type of accounts department. Whether you process 10,000 invoices a month or just 500 we won’t frighten you off with a totally unrealistic price. We pride ourselves on proposing systems which aren’t bigger than the problem. We know that the alternative to what we offer is increasing head count, so we are realistic and try to demonstrate a 6 – 8 month return on investment. It also helps that the systems we know and integrate are easy to use, and versatile and we offer considerate support when you need it.

Is invoice processing the same as accounts payable automation?


Is invoice approval part of invoice processing?

It can be. Invoices can be emailed to approvers based on rules created for your organisation

Do we need a purchase order system for invoice processing to work?

No. Many organisation still don’t use purchase order systems. Invoice Processing can work with or without a PO system

Will an Accounts Payable Automation system be able to update our ERP system which isnt widely used?

Probably. Many system take data feeds in formats like XML and CSV. They also have documented API. If you are under support and your vendors are helpful, its likely we would be able to integrate with it.

What about Sage 50. Can you add new invoices into that ?

Yes we can. We have a direct integration with Sage 50.

We are accountants and need to add client invoices. Can I use a system that will work with multiple Sage 50 companies ?

Yes thats OK we can do that

Some of our suppliers send XLS & XML feeds to us

Yes thats normal. We can work that into a system as well using bespoke data transformation tools?

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