Invoice Approvals
Faster paper-less approvals mean happier suppliers
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Faster Invoice Approvals

A key part of the Accounts Payable process is only paying those invoices that are valid and approved. In days gone by, it could have been that invoices were placed in managers in-trays but that really doesn't work when your colleagues work from home or seldom visit the office. The only real solution is approvals by email or from an all-in-one secure portal. We have the perfect solution for invoice approvals.

  • Multi-step conditional approvals
  • Coding approvals - have the approvers code the Job or GL
  • Automatic export to Finance / ERP on approval
  • Approve by email, by mobile or from a portal
  • See an order / invoice balance
  • Full audit-trail behind every approval

We will recommend the best solution for your approvals. It's almost certain that we will suggest Zahara but we can also provide a complete approvals platform using FileDirector

A Complete workflow

The approval is just one aspect of the Invoice workflow. Our software helps you speed up the process from the receipt of the invoice, to it's matching with an order or approval, into the finance system. Once in the finance system, you know it can be paid. Anything not in the the finance or ERP can easily be accrued for at period end. Understanding the process and providing valid expertise and knowledge is a key part of the consultancy C2S can provide.

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