• Archive scanning of HR records
  • Electronic staff records
  • Employee questionnaires
  • Access certification in seconds

HR & Payroll solutions …

People = Paper

People come with paper – and lots of it. So having a paperless office may seem light years away. But not so. Just imagine what it would be like to have every employee’s records in electronic format, just a few clicks away so you can retrieve and update them with ease.

Scan their records

Driving documents, training records, health records, sick leave, performance reviews and more can be electronically filed according to your protocols. Copies of certificates and accreditations can be scanned and added for future reference.

Fast Versatile filing

We’re talking about a simple system designed for HR needs, one that understands the multiple levels of documentation associated with each employee.

Fast record conversion

And don’t worry about your archived material, we can get you started by scanning all of your existing documents so you can access any information you need from day one.

Customer Focus – Wainrights Aggregates

One of our clients is a quarry. If you think you have compliance issues in your business, just imagine what it’s like to have to dynamite on your premises ! They have a different inspection every three weeks from some quango or safety inspector. Managing all this information is a headache for them and in fact any business. Just keeping up to date with employee certification is a challenge let alone factoring in training, licensing and sick leave, holidays and so on.

Our solutions are all about going paper-less. From the application form to the assessments, you can get it all scanned, keep it all centralised and then search for documents quickly and easily. The by-product of this is the ability to search for “all employees who’s certificates in bla bla expire this month" or whatever it is you need. A relational document management system with unlimited indexing will provide the kind of flexibility you crave.

Best of all, it’s easy to learn and fast to deploy

So what’s your back story …

On this occasion we aren’t asking about your employer bad-back policy, but your employee files and how we can get them scanned as a back-scanning project. Whether you want a new document management system populated or you just want some searchable PDF’s, we can help you turn paper into data. We can rent your a document scanner or provide a take-away service. If your employee records are taking up too much space, given them the sack and call C2S

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