Re-housing your files

  • Centralised Tenancy Files
  • Centralised leaseholder files
  • Centralised application files
  • Distributed scanning using MFPs
  • Scalable and robust
  • Works independently of MIS
  • Fast payback & ROI

Information overload

The sheer volume of information you handle could pose a serious threat to the effectiveness of your service – tenant files, application forms, maintenance reports, invoices… the list goes on.

Keeping it together

And when some correspondence is on paper, and some arrives via email, the challenge lies in managing the whole lot with speed and efficiency.
FileDirector is an electronic document management system designed to take away that headache.

C2S provide software enablers so …

  • Paper documents are scanned and filed according to your selected criteria
  • Electronic documents are passed easily between people, departments and sites in seconds with just a few clicks
  • The approvals process is streamlined, facilitating rapid responses
  • A smooth and fluid workflow is enabled, reducing time delays and improving customer service.
  • Fewer documents go missing, and less time is wasted tracing lost files.
  • Archive systems allow for easy retrieval and sharing of information.

Speed up daily tasks with a digital mailroom

Physical accommodation for archived records is no longer needed, as old files can be quickly converted into electronic format for future reference. And Digital Mailroom provides the facility you need to handle huge sacks of mail with ease. Our software and scanners work together to identify and classify items of mail, converting them into electronic format and routing them to the right department according to your requirements. And we have software to direct electronic mail too, using intelligent recognition to identify the nature of each email, extract attachments and distribute them correctly. It means there are no time delays associated with handling and distribution of mail. Fewer items are lost, and staff can work more efficiently.

C2S have the experience

We’ve worked with a number of housing associations and local government housing teams, helping them adopt new processes to achieve greater efficiencies, reduced costs and improved customer service. They were looking to save money and achieved greater savings than they thought possible, plus they’re enjoying a whole host of other benefits too. Talk to us and we’ll explain more about their experiences. Implementation couldn’t be easier. We assist throughout the conversion process to make it as smooth a transition as possible. You’ll never look back!

Case Study: Southampton City Council

We have worked extensively with the housing department at Southampton City Council. Having digitised tens of thousands of tenancy files and application files, and we maintain a FileDirector document management system. Now local housing offices can work paper-less, accessing historic archived documents and correspondence in seconds.

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