Advanced document solutions for engineering companies

  • Collate your paper-work
  • Scan your Despatch Notes
  • Faster invoice processing
  • Email out your invoices

POD failure …

When you’re all too familiar with the habitual loss of paperwork, delivery notes, PODs and invoices, you’ll be delighted to know it needn’t be that way.

Centralise & Control

Engineering firms have a unique set of needs regarding document management, and with so much work being carried out off site, there’s plenty of opportunity for crucial documents to go astray.

Get a grip, use FileDirector

So, if you’d like to get a grip on your paperwork, and distribute important documents, charts and maps with ease, we recommend FileDirector. Designed to help improve workflows, it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, including software such as Sage, Sharepoint and Dynamics.

Fingertip control

Documents, orders, emails, proof of deliveries and invoices are all centrally managed, and accessible from multiple sites. Plus you can add picking lists and collate different items all within one job or project. Your teams will never have been as efficient or organised as they can be with FileDirector.

Great for projects

It’s easy to enter past project details into electronic archives too, so your staff can get the most benefit from FileDirector from the moment of installation. It’s user friendly too, and intuitive helping your staff produce more accurate work in less time.


Our engineering clients have taken steps to really manage their documents, trying wherever possible to make things easier and faster. Take for instance proof of deliveries. If you are shipping your own product of “jobs", getting the signed POD back safely is crucial for a prompt payment. Behind this of course sits the job details, delivery note, picking list and probably the clients original PO. All of this can be scanned and collated.

Convert old Drawings

You’ve been using CAD for donkeys years now, but still have some paper drawings around ? They take up space and always run the risk of getting damaged or lost. Why not get them scanned and archived electronically? C2S can either hire you a scanner to DIY, or we can do the scanning for you. Whatever suits, just give us a call:

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