Email Attachment Handling for Invoice Processing

Centralise all your emailed invoice attachments for faster processing

emaill attachment invoice processing software
  • Santiago email attachment downloader
  • Connect to email account - Office 365 / Gmail / Imap
  • Filter the emails you want - "Invoice" or "Bill" in Subject
  • Download the attachments you need
  • Exclude T&C PDF's, report spreadsheets etc
  • Remove unnecessary T&C pages from PDF's
  • Decrypt secured PDF's for processing in SmartInvoice
  • Save directly to FileDirector
  • Render HTML invoices as PDFs
  • Convert any Word / Excel document into PDF

Collating your emailed invoice just got easier

Santiago is the perfect companion for any automated invoice processing solution. With the majority of invoices now being emailed, handling the attachments from you email and placing them in the right location can be time consuming.

The Santiago email attachment downloader automates that process but also offers a range of processing tasks to make life in the AP team easier. You can filter on the emails you do want - perhaps only those with Invoice or Bill in the subject, leaving behind all of the emails that you don't need. It could be you want to automatically file all statements away hands-free. Santiago can do that as well.

The rules help you get the attachments you want, leaving behind the clutter you don't need. Like the annoying vendor who always sends through a Terms & Conditions PDF or the vendor that always adds a text heavy terms and conditions page to every invoice. When using the SmartInvoice software, these pages can slow you down. So Santiago will remove them. It will also remove any encryption or text-editing prevention.

Santiago runs as a Windows service, so just install it on a PC or server and leave it to run, placing all of the invoice attachments you do want into a central folder. These can then either be manually uploaded and recorded in Zahara or processed using our OCR tool - SmartInvoice.

How it Works …

 email attachment downloader
  • Pay annually or monthly
  • Download and install on a Windows PC / Server
  • Create a profile connecting to your email account
  • Filter on the emails you want to process
  • Filter on the attachments you want
  • Choose any converters or processors you need
  • Choose the export location and export types
  • Create as many profiles as you need

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