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We are C2S – a company that specialises in the paper-less office. If you are looking to digitise paper documents we have a number of solutions that will help you. We may need to steer you in the right direction so read on…

About You

You may be on this page because you want a highly sophisticated application to process documents or you may want a cheap solution for a bit of day to day scanning. We have a bronze, silver and gold solution for every budget.



Scanning Old Archives

An archive suggests a lot of paper. A room perhaps full of files and also suggests this is a one-off job for now and then a task to stop accumulating paper. You will need two things to scan an archive.

  • A good document scanner
  • Some good software to control the scanner

Are you familiar with how a document scanner works and how fast it is ? Scanners for high-volumes will scan both sides at the same time, can take 500 sheets at a time and will scan say 100 pages a minute quite comfortably. These scanners will cost around £3000 or can be hired from us for around £400 a month.



A scanner like the one above will come with software. It will be good software but will be quite basic. To really get the benefit of such a great scanner, you could spend half as much again on a great scanning application like Kofax Express. This application is designed to allow you to run your scanner flat out all day long, perhaps scanning 20,000 – 30,000 pages in an 8 hour shift.



Scanning your daily post bag

The key word here is bag. We have software for clients with serious volumes of daily post – larger law firms, insurance companies, banking, claims handling etc. These solutions dont have a great pay back unless you have volume and need these documents processed quickly – say 10,000 pages in two hours. We call this Digital Mailroom

  • Scan your daily post bag
  • Automatically classify documents – letters, contracts, summons, deeds etc
  • Automatically index documents – case numbers, clients name, policy number etc
  • Automatically route documents to the right case worker / fee earner

We have a dedicated page on Digital Mailroom and suggest you visit that. We are Gold partners with ABBYY who makes one of the best [content_tooltip id="1707"] OCR engines in the world.



Digital Mailroom requires a suite of software. We may recommend an application like Kofax Express to do the “heavy lifting" scanning. This will then feed documents into ABBYY FlexiCapture 11 for Mailrooms. The routing of the documents will use one of our workflow systems and FileDirector has many benefits here.

Our clients are paying £15,000 – £120,000 for solutions that transform the way they communicate with their clients and their suppliers. Our Digital Mailroom specialist is Jeremy Burgess. Please feel free to call and to discuss your requirements.



Scanning your supplier invoices (Purchase Ledger)

Scanning invoices can save a bit of office space or can save on manual keying in, time and costs. We have advanced solutions from [content_tooltip id="1711"] £5900 for intelligently scanning or reading emailed invoices and extracting the invoice data and passing it over to your accounts system. We are Sage developers and can work with most accounts systems. The number of invoices you process is important. There is little benefit looking at a software solution unless you are processing 500 + invoices a month. Our solutions are affordable with a great ROI but most of our customers will have 1000 or more supplier invoices a month to get through.

  • Scan you supplier invoices
  • Automatically match the supplier and their invoice number
  • Automatically find the values and validate them
  • Automatically find the tax breakdown and analysis
  • Automatically find the order number and match against a PO system
  • Pass the invoice data to your accounts system
  • File the record of the invoice away
  • Send the invoice off for approval if preferred

We have a dedicated page on Invoice Processing and suggest you visit that. We are Gold partners with ABBYY who makes one of the best [content_tooltip id="1707"] OCR engines in the world.



Our AP software suite includes:

  • Software to download invoice email attachments
  • A universal supplier synchronisation tool
  • Advanced Invoice Recognition software
  • Software to route invoices for approval
  • Software for compliant long term storage of all financial records

Our clients are paying [content_tooltip id="1711"] £5900 – £100,000 for solutions that transform the way they process their supplier invoices. We have an entry level solution for Sage 50 / Xero as well as connectors for more advanced Accounts and ERP systems. Our AP specialist is Martin Peirce. Please feel free to call and to discuss your requirements.



Scanning your delivery notes

The very first system we installed, many years ago, was for a client who wanted to scan their delivery notes so they could look up their POD’s in seconds rather than hours. The system we put in then, and would recommend today is the same – advanced and simple:

  • Easy scanning of your delivery notes
  • Read your delivery note number or a barcode
  • Auto file the dispatch note away
  • Provide fast retrieval from any device
  • Respond to client enquiries in seconds
  • Automatically delete aged documents
  • Scan and shred – total peace of mind

With delivery notes, the scanning is easy. We can virtually automate that for you. The clever bit here and the most important part is to make it easy for you to retrieve the delivery note. You will also want to append late deliveries or part deliveries.



Our POD scanning solution will include:

  • OCR or barcode reading
  • A scan and file solution
  • Retrieval through a web browser or Windows client
  • All of this is “out of the box" using FileDirector

Our POD solution starts from £1920 + VAT. You can add on more users and greater functionality at any time. Our FileDirector solution is one of the best value document management systems available today and is written and developed by the hugely experienced team at Spielberg Solutions in Germany.



Our favourite applications




Kofax Express


ABBYY FlexiCapture





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