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  • Archive Scanning Service
  • In-house or take it away
  • Rent our scanners and DIY
  • 300 dpi clear scans with searchable PDF
  • Indexing and file naming to suit
  • Data extractiong and indexing projects
  • Cloud-based document hosting

Old files take up space

Paper-work takes up space. Whatever your organisation, whatever you do, we estimate about 15% of your office space will be taken up with filing. This could be financial records, job files, HR files or client contracts. If you need to record it and you don’t do that electronically then you are almost certainly storing it. So our solution is really simple. We can scan it all for you. You can do it yourself, sure, and that will probably be a bit cheaper. But do you have the time? Every single staple needs to be taken out. Every paper clip removed. C2S are pretty good at that and we also produce high-quality scans in a searchable PDF format.

How it works

Firstly we need to know how much paper-work needs scanning. You can tell us this in linear metres, the number of files or the number of filing cabinets. We don’t mind. We need to know what the project looks like. We then need to know what type of files need scanning. There is a big difference in scanning case files with 200 sheets of paper, than say invoices where every page needs to be indexed. Talking of indexing, this is the term widely used to describe naming a file. So for the invoice scenario, we might scan a big batch into a PDF file and name that to what was ever on the lever arch file - VAT June 2013. For a case file or job file, we might create a PDF named to say the job number or matter number - 101103.pdf. We can provide anything but our advice is to keep it simple. The shorter the index criteria, the cheaper it will be.

Once we have agreed the project terms, we will get the files collected and typically bring them back to our place to get them scanned. We can do it on your premises as well and provide a team of people to do the work. Whatever you prefer.

The files are prepared or “prepped” as we call it and labelled. We then scan everything at 300 dpi, normally in black & white so you get small efficient files back. We like PDF as it’s widely used and we can make the PDF searchable so you can jump to sections or find words inside the content.

Once you have received the electronic files back and you are happy, we can either shred the originals or arrange for them to come back to you, or go off to long term storage. Whatever you need

Within days, your office could be cleared of old paperwork
with everything accessible electronically


More information from our virtual filing cabinet ...

Because we care. That might sound clichéd but it’s how we see things. You are going to want to use a company that’s secure and guarantees your privacy. That’s a given. You won’t want to pay over to odds for the service and we understand that. We don’t operate from an expensive city centre location so we pass that saving on. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are an individual or a council. We will give you an attentive personal service and ensure you get the results you need.
Are you an engineering company or department looking to get old drawings converted? With everybody using CAD it makes sense to get everything in one place. It’s also a big risk keeping precious amounts of IP laying around in drawers in fading or degrading drawings. We can take your drawings and plans or even old maps and convert them into PDF file. We use high quality Contex scanners that can scan up to 44” wide which covers most of our client’s requirements. We even have a fine-art A2 flatbed scanner for more precious documents. Turn up the volumes When it comes to scanning plans, it’s all about the volume. Once we are in our stride and scanning all day long for you the price comes right down. We can handle smaller amounts as well but the price reflects the fiddlyness of receiving, scanning and re-packaging large format documents back off to you. How it Works The first thing we need to know is the quantity. If you can accurately estimate your A3, A2, A1 & A0 plans and get that information to us together with your collection location, we will get a proposal together for your consideration.
Magazine covers, 12” vinyl album covers, movie posters, magazines, books, & fine art. Whatever you need, subject to copyright we can scan it for you. We have scanned archives of magazines for most of the top UK private schools as well as some very interesting stuff from around the world. Confidentiality is guaranteed of course. Our domestic photo scanning service is one of the most used in the country with orders placed daily at Tell us what you need and we will advise of the price and how to make it happen.
We provide a secure shredding service and certificate of destruction. Our shredding partner works to Information Destruction Standards BS-EN 15713:2009, which incorporates - vehicle satellite tracking, CCTV surveillance, vetted & uniformed staff to BS7858 , Police & CRB checked. This all means peace of mind for you. No need to worry about your hard copy documents turning up on a landfill site somewhere. If you choose C2S to undertake your work, you are making the same decision as Southampton City Council who trust us to scan confidential files into their FileDirector document management system with secure shredding.
Probably the single most important question for you to ask yourself is "can I trust these people with my files". Yes, we can sign a confidentiality agreement and yes we have CCTV, Security & Video Entry in our low profile scanning premises. We can even give you tracking from when we pick your files up back to our premises. However, security and confidentiality is a cultural thing as well. The owners of C2S run C2S. We employ trusted people who we know will behave responsibly with the information they are exposed to. Put simply, your files are safe with us. That's why we have worked for some high profile organisations including councils, government, health and police. When you choose C2S you choose Confidence 2 Scan ! If you choose C2S to undertake your work, you are making the same decision as Southampton City Council who trust us to scan confidential files into their FileDirector document management system with secure shredding.