Virtual Filing with FileDirector - Key Features

Centralise all of your documents Find everything faster Create Flexible workflows Improve document mobility Enhance teamwork and collaboration Improve security and access to key information Peace of mind with BS compliant digital archiving

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FileDirector - paper-less is happiness

Better than the Status Quo

There are literally hundreds of document management systems to choose from but C2S are proud to partner with Spielberg who’s FileDirector software is built on rock solid architecture and is scaleable but above all affordable. This web-based system makes it easy to centralise all your company information, making it accessible to those you authorise. FileDirector makes scanning easy. You can control scanners directly, and auto-index or classify documents as they are archived. You can setup unlimited watch folders so can scan at your existing MFPs or auto-file emails and attachments as they arrive in the business. And when it comes to finding the important document you need - whether that be a contract or an invoice, with just a few clicks in either a Windows client, mobile client or web browser, you will be able to view, annotate or email it on.

More control, more efficiency

Have you ever thought that the efficiency of your people could be directly related to the efficiency of your filing systems? Time lost searching for documents that are not where they should be, soon mounts up, and it’s costing businesses dearly. Thank goodness for Electronic Document Management Software. It starts with a centralised system of documents in digital format. Any paper arriving in the business is scanned and filed according to your agreed protocols. And emails, orders, invoices and work-sheets are stored in the same way. Access is available to authorised personnel only. Everything can be carried out in a fraction of the time it takes for a paper alternative to pass between the right people. Plus of course there’s added security and the likelihood of a document going missing is virtually eliminated. Your staff will spend more time at their desks without the need to seek hard copy documentation. What difference will that make to their productivity? And of course, perhaps most importantly, your customers will enjoy a much-improved service, quicker waiting times, more accurate information, and the knowledge that they are dealing with a highly professional organisation. In fact, to sum it up, Electronic Document Management makes perfect business sense!

Approvals & Processes

C2S have been selling FileDirector for 10 years now and have moved on from the simple Scan and File of the early days. Most clients now want process improvement. They want to make sure documents are being routed automatically to the people who need them. FileDirector's optional workflow module is a thing of wonder. The software world's best kept secret. It shames similar functionality in SharePoint as workflows can be set up in minutes without any programming or scripting. In fact, most of our invoice solutions have a FileDirector workflow module included.

Affordable and friendly

FileDirector can be purchased and owned outright with you controlling where the software is installed. It's not system hungry so can be installed on any existing Windows server. There are numerous options and modules that you can separately license so you only need pay for the things you need. There is also a very accessible cloud-based version which is fully loaded with every possible option. As with most software as a service, you can pay monthly on direct debit.

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FileDirector is perfect for...

  • Invoices
  • Dispatch Notes
  • Statements
  • Supplier Correspondence
  • Customer contracts
  • Health & Safety Records
  • Housing & Tenancy Files
  • Medical Records
  • Job files
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FileDirector FAQ's

How long has it been out? FileDirector was launched in 2004 and has sold world-wide. It is always sold with support which includes free updates and versions Do you set it up and train us? Yes. We provide turn-key solutions that include install, user-training, migration of any documents and a full administrator hand-over. Can we link it to other systems? Yes. It has a .Net API and ODBC compliance so it can speak to pretty much everything.


We were approached by a south-coast local authority who wanted to scan all of their housing files and make them accessible to relevant housing-teams. With a brief to save money, local housing offices could free up office space dedicated to filing, as thousands of archived files were digitised and then imported into FileDirector. Over the last few years, FileDirector's use in the council has increased and they have benefited from regular software updates. Now the housing teams can access legacy tenancy information or housing applications in a few seconds and are archiving new documents each day, across various city offices, using their Konica Minolta MFPs'
filedirector and iclient