• Collate your paper-work
  • Scan your POD’s
  • Faster invoice processing
  • Email invoices save on postage

Solutions for Distributors …

I cant find the POD!

“Where did the POD go? We won’t get paid if we can’t provide the POD”. Does that sound familiar? It’s not a good position to be in – lost PODs cost your business money, and how much time do you waste searching for them ?

Let’s get your scanning

So, how about doing it a little differently – it’s easier to provide electronic PODs than you might think. Plus, with the scanners and software here at C2S, you’ll have that POD stored safely away in electronic archive for easy retrieval whenever you need it.

You#ll get paid faster

Invoices will be paid quicker, you’ll grow your reputation with your customers, and your team can focus on more important matters. And in the distribution business, we know that end of month invoicing can cost a lot of money in postage.

And we will save you money

So would you be interested in eliminating that cost of postage– how much would you save? Our ‘autoMagic’ printer driver is designed to convert paper invoices into electronic versions, emailing them to your clients instead. Plus it can be programmed to collate invoices over a day/week or month to send them in one hit, if that’s what you or your clients prefer.


Collated, streamlined, better

Invoices can go with POD’s at the same time too – what more could your clients want! It all helps you operate more efficiently, more professionally, and of course smooths the way to more timely settlement of your invoices – great for cash flow! Talk to us, we’d be more than happy to help, and we’ll explain how we’ve helped other businesses in your industry to take away the whole POD/invoice headache.

Nick Hedley-Harper is our print to email specialist and works with clients who want to switch print output to email. Give Nick a call on 0207 084 5738 to discuss your situation and goals.

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