Key Features

Fast to setup
Fast scanning of the post bag
Auto classification of documents
Automatic routing of attachments
Advanced invoice approvals
Automatic data extraction
Case / matter validations
Full Audit Trail
Better Metrics & KPI's

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Digital Mailroom Software For Automated Post Scanning & Classification"


Stop the delays and get in control

If your business receives sacks full of mail every day that are not being handled efficiently, it could be sabotaging your business. Lost documents, misrouted mail and delays in normal distribution can lead to longer waits for your customers, or even failure to deliver on your promises.

Whether documents arrive in your organisation via paper, or increasingly in electronic form, they will need to be routed to the proper recipient who will process information and often store correspondence in a case management or records management system. Case and customer references need to be found in order to know what the document relates to. The content of the document, or how it is classified, will often define how it should be routed to or which process should be followed. C2S have been providing ‘digital mailroom’ systems for almost a decade but our new smart classification is a game changer – the new digital mail room just got back from the gym!

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Efficient Scanning & Classification

  • Fast & efficient mail room scanning
  • Mail item separation
  • Document preview and quality control
  • Support for multiple capture locations
  • Identify reference numbers
  • Read all text in the document, produce a ‘searchable PDF’
  • References verified against external data
  • Deliver consistently indexed documents to workflow
  • imple, customer centric learning of new classifications

Digital Mailroom FAQ's

Will scanning be faster?
Fast scanners are only part of the equation. Having great software to run the scanners and having the right indexing and sorting will definitely help speed up any existing scanning you are doing.

Can you find case numbers on documents?
Yes. That's very easy. We can scrutinise each page for a pattern match and then validate what we find against existing records you hold.

What about emails?
You can run all emails through a digital mailroon as well so all attachments and documents and stored and filed correctly.

What are the components of a digital mailroom?
Capture, Classification, Routing & Storage are the key components of any system. We use best of breed OCR and document management to achieve the results you want.

Mailroom Integration

We have worked with several law firms who use Eclipse Pro Claim. We can capture documents and then release them fully indexed Pro Claim.
Our client Gordon Brown Lawfirm in Chester Le Street is an Ochresoft user and has a digital mailroom from C2S with FileDirector as the core document management solution.
We have worked with a number of Peppermint users. This MS Dynamics based case management system has a great integration with our SmartMailroom.
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