Can Digital Mailroom be programmed to send automated responses to mail as it comes in, via recognition of certain parameters?

Yes. Part of Digital Mailroom is email routing so adding in an auto-responder so inbound mail is acknowledged is an optional component of a typical system. By recognising and verifying data on a document – like a case number, a “lookup" into a database / application can personalise the response or force a response in a certain way.


Can Digital Mailroom deal with incoming emails, orders and invoices as well as scanned letters?

Yes. The document workflow can be setup to handle any type of document in any format – ie scans or emails and can make documents follow different routes based on their classification. Invoices go to accounts and sales orders go the the SOP department. You can even set it up to look for “hot words" (panic words) such as legal action / complaint to create a quarantine queue for a partner or director to inspect


What assurances are there that mail won’t go missing?

You can set up workflows to use ticketing systems with advanced logging so no documents are misplaced. With technology its far easier to create audit trails than paper systems where documents can be mis-filed or misplaced.


What checks are in place to ensure only authorised access and distribution rights?

User rights are simple to allocate and enforce. Each workflow is separately setup and tested so that only those authorised are involved etc


Would a typical large business need both Digital Mailroom to deal with incoming docs and then File Director to store and retrieve?

Yes. FileDirector is an excellent document management system and would form one of the components of a digital mailroom. A secure place to centralise all documents enabling fast retrieval from any device or platform.

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