Data Extraction Services - Key Features

Bank statements converted to Excel
Affordable business process outsourcing
Secure & reliable
Work to tight deadlines
Cheaper than UK equivalent data entry rates
Different data extraction services available

Outsourced data entry - you do the analysis, we will do the donkey-work

100% accurate in under 10 minutes

Swamped with paper, and all of it important?

Here’s a great way to take control of so much information with our OCR data extraction services. We’ll take your scanned documents and convert them using our sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. We can recreate entire documents, in electronic format, or data extract key information only, to feed into other programmes, such as excel spreadsheets or accounting software.

Bank Statements

We work with a number of forensic accountants to extract bank statements to Excel. You can achieve this with software but when the print is poor quality or you have the time, our key from image service is fast and affordable. Ask for more details or a free trial.

Forms & Questionnaires

Included in our forms and questionnaire processing is the ability to read hand printed (capital letters) documents as well. Use our design services early on in the process to start off with a well developed and planned form.

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Everyday tasks, but more affordable

  • Extract bank statements to Excel
  • Survey results processed
  • Forms recognitions and processing
  • Scanned documents converted to Word
  • Hard-copy books converted to Word
  • Original scripts & manuscripts converted to Word
  • Extract key information from historic documents
  • Scanned invoiced keyed into Excel
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Data extraction services FAQ's

How long does it take?
Depends on the job and the amount of work involved. Our team in India have the ability to scale up quite quickly and often have teams working 24 x 7 so jobs can often be returned within 2 days.

How much does it cost?
Alot less than the UK. Most jobs are priced by the "job" and the amount of work involved but labour rates if $2 - $4 per hour is not uncommon.

How accurate is the extraction work?
Usually very high. Most data is keyed from image but it will be checked by a second person - a QA process so errors are reduced to a minimum.

How can we trust our data with you?
We are happy to sign an NDA. Our off-shore partners have worked with us for many years and we trust them implicitly. We have never had a case of a client's data being used in anyway.

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