SmartInvoice has been developed as a solution by C2S to handle the demands of the smaller accounts teams. C2S have been providing fully-automated accounts payables solutions for a number of years, where our clients readily invest anything from £15,000 to £50000 for one of our integrated solutions. But we understand full well that this isn’t right for every Sage 50 user. Some just require help with the keying in and others need to control the approval process.

So we have created a solution with a very affordable desktop invoice recognition program, written by a great team in Europe, and integrated it with our own Zahara Cloud platform. Zahara is also very affordable and creates a purchase to pay solution for SMBs. You can have colleagues raise purchase requests that can be quickly approved by their line manager. Then when the invoice arrives, you can see if it matches the order.

If it matches, you may decide to post it into Sage 50 with nothing more to do. If it doesn’t you may want to send it our for approval. The great thing about our solution is you never need to leave your desk. Everything is just a click away, including the filing of the invoices.

So with just modest one-off setup fee and a monthly direct debit subscription you can take advantage of the best technology with full support and backup from industry specialists and Sage developers.