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Release Notes – 28/1/2017


Release Notes


New Feature – Save as Draft – You can now create an order but Save as a Draft – then edit and resume at any time

New Feature – Reporting – We have now added invoices in the reporting options

New Feature – Order Notes – Money values – you can now choose whether to show balances including or excluding tax under Business Settings >Defaults

New Feature – Extra invoice filters when viewing lists of invoices

New Feature – Invoices – Duplicate check – When recording an invoice we alert you if the invoice number has already been recorded for this supplier

New Feature – Order – You can now set that the Originator has to specify a value for the order – under Business Settings > Validation

New Feature – Invoices & GRN – You can now limit the GRN & Invoice so once fully allocated no additional invoices or GRN’s can be recorded – Business Settings > Validations

New Feature – Invoice Export settings – have now been moved to Business Settings > Defaults

New Feature – Invoice Export settings > You can now choose SmartSync – our new ODBC / Sage 50 sync tool – ask for details

New Feature – Add a “My Orders" filter in Purchase Orders

New Feature – Batch Print – you can select and Batch Print orders out now

New Feature – Website chat – we have added website chat / support for Trialling users

New Feature – Supplier Default Terms – You can now set terms for a supplier – like “30 Days Net" and use this placeholder in the PDF template

New Feature – Discount % placeholder for line items

New Feature – Bulk removal of users – you can multi-select users and remove them from Divisions / Business Units

New Feature – Division ID field – new field added for Sage / ERP users. Place your Department ID value in here for invoice exporting (Sage 50)

Refinement – You can now edit a username in Admin > Settings > User Management  – Long overdue !

Refinement – Reporting – Multi-divisions now selectable and Projects selectable

Refinement – When adding new users, we now prompt you to add them to a Division and add their permissions

Refinement – Better error messages when the user cannot login

Refinement – Product searching in now “Contains" and not “Begins with"

Refinement – Australian localisation – refer to Ledger / Nominal codes as Account codes

Refinement – Approve / Reject Button – refined again for all devices

Refinement – New tenancy registration pages improved

Bug Fix – Deleting invoice line items – issues resolved here

Bug Fix – When adding a new supplier as part of an order, the new supplier is placed in the supplier field

Bug Fix – When recording an invoice against a matched order, line are correctly copied through now

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