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Custom date format

Business Settings > Formatting

We have now introduced a feature that allows you to choose one of three date formats:

  1. US
  2. Rest of the world
  3. ISO standard

This is available in the Business Unit settings, on the formatting tab.

The dates should then appear throughout in the format you choose for your business.

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Create a Business Unit

Tenancy Settings > Create Business Unit

As part of your sign-up, you will create your first Business Unit. We think of these as separate companies or separate Business Units.

Example, you are a Care Home provider. You have the same divisions – house-keeping, kitchen, maintenance in each of your homes, but each home is different. In this instance, you would create a new Business Unit for each care home. This would be the same if you were a Pub or Restaurant group.

You create a new business unit in the tenancy settings. You then create Divisions and Users accordingly.

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