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Purchase Order Template Date

Business Settings > Templates > Document Template

If the date outputted on your Purchase Order PDF isn’t to your liking, you can replace the default place-holder {created date} with 3 x separate placeh-holders.

By default, it will be in this HTML Line


This could be changed to US format (mm/dd/yyyy)



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Custom date format

Business Settings > Formatting

We have now introduced a feature that allows you to choose one of three date formats:

  1. US
  2. Rest of the world
  3. ISO standard

This is available in the Business Unit settings, on the formatting tab.

The dates should then appear throughout in the format you choose for your business.

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Let’s use it for Expenses as well

Our company is relatively easy to manage. Our staff  go off and visit customers and rack up some travel costs and the odd overnight stay, and, of course, they want to be reimbursed for this. They like to remind the directors that although they love working for C2S, they can’t do it for free. Shame.

So we started using our own software for expenses this week. We have the basic functionality there. We have the ability to compose a nice expenses claim – allocating each line to the correct cost code and to the correct Project. We have a built-in approval process. Above all, we have the central, visual on the expense. That makes it easier for payroll to allocate the spend in their pay.

We will expand this functionality over the coming months to be able to upload receipts as well.

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Budgets – how sophisticated should we get

We were riffing in the office today about budgets. For some customers, settings a monthly budget per division is sufficient. For others they want to allocate the monthly budget by nominal code. Some customers tell us that’s irrelevant and they want to budget by cost codes.

The answer is of course to provide flexibility for the range of customers we work with. No two companies are the same. Every business has a different set of challenges. The important thing is to listen and apply what we hear and what we learn to this great product we have created.

So in the next few months we hope to take the already great Budget feature to the next level.

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