Making Sense of OCR

November 24, 2014

OCR technology – making sense of information Information overload is a modern day curse and too much time is wasted trying to make sense of forms, statements, letters, surveys and so on. So would it help if you could extract key data more easily, feeding essential information into an easier to manage format that can […]

Document Scanning – Where did all the paper go ?

March 2014 There’s not much merit in hanging on to old paper documents these days – they take up far too much room, degrade, go missing too easily and are a fire hazard. Plus, only one person can have them at once. So, let’s not lament the demise of paper documents for too long, and […]

FileDirector 3.0 is here – Faster & Better Than Before

Jan 2014 We are now using FileDirector 3.0 in the office. It’s much faster than the previous version 2.7. The whole of the back end has been re-written in .Net 4 making it much faster. Checking in large documents shows a significant speed improvement. Other nice features include better use of content searching. You can […]

Local authority chooses Click2Scan to deliver paperless department

Jan 2014 There’s no organisation too large to contemplate transferring paper documents to digital files. In fact, the larger the organisation, the stronger the case for change. It brings with it incredible potential for multiple cost savings. Take the case of a large town council, tasked with the challenge of creating a paperless local authority […]

Paper processing – is it a major bottle neck in your business?

Accountants, solicitors and even the NHS are typical examples of organisations swamped with paper. It creates bottle necks, inefficiencies and wastes so much time. And they’re not alone. But the war is on, and even the NHS has been set a target to go paperless by 2018. Technology is on their side, with electronic document […]

IER – Individual Electoral Registration

March 2014 Scanner manufacturers keep banghing on about IER as if there is a stampede to our door for A3 document scanners. It looks as though a change in the law is coming (July 2014) so that voting forms can be scanned and uploaded online. Councils and electoral officers will be taking advantage of the […]