Integration of automated invoice processing

March 31, 2015

If you’ve considered automated invoice processing but worry about integration into your existing systems, it’s worth looking again at this new technology. We’ve recently developed a system that integrates readily with market leading accounting software Xero, allowing users access to an accurate and speedy labour saving ‘add-on’. This integration is available for other leading accounting […]

Fire – How would your business cope

March 3, 2015

South Oxfordshire District Council hit the headlines recently following a fire which badly damaged their premises in Crowmarsh Gifford, along with many documents relating to planning applications. The disruption suffered since has been widely reported, as new accommodation has had to be found for the staff members. The loss of many planning application and comments […]

Standards – it’s time to raise the bar

February 11, 2015

Highly regulated industries need impeccable standards of document management within their business. But that shouldn’t preclude other organisations from adopting ‘best in class’ systems if they wish to provide the best possible customer service in the most efficient way possible. Companies should leverage the advantages of modern technology to improve their internal and external communications […]

New C2S company policy – dont use Amazon

January 5, 2015

One of our New Year resolutions is to avoid using Amazon for any purchases. Although Amazon are convenient with their next day delivery and all, they don’t seem to to add value to the economy. They seem to want to sell everything at a bargain basement price and that usually means at the expense of […]

One of the biggest time wasters in business ?

December 31, 2014

You might think it’s your under performing people. In fact, it’s the time it takes to handle paper documents – shuffling them from department to department, filing, archiving, retrieving from archive, filing again… the journey goes on and the clock ticks by. Have a purge on paper and you’ll save your business hours upon hours […]

Have you ever paid the same invoice twice ?

November 24, 2014

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realise you’ve paid the same invoice twice? You feel foolish and are kicking yourself You need to contact the supplier Your cash flow is tighter than it needs to be You know it will take a while before the supplier gets around to returning themoney It’s […]

Growing pains – Don’t hire just yet!

September 2014 What great news it is to hear the economy is on the up and up. And businesses are finally starting to feel more secure, even experiencing growth for the first time in a long while. But with growth comes challenges – how to handle the extra workload. However, don’t go hiring extra staff […]

Workflow ambushed by slow document approval?

Speed and efficiency – the bedrock of business success. Both Company reputation and financial health are beholden to them. So when operational blockages get in the way, stalling document approval processes, the results are not pretty. Share This:

Reduce the cost of holiday cover this summer

For every 10 people you employ, you need an extra one to cover all their holiday! That’s based on 10 people working a 5 day week, entitled to 28 days holiday per year. And we all know that employment is a significant cost to a business, so could there be a better way? Technology saves […]

If only invoices were paid in half the time…

Have you ever worked out how long it takes on average for your sales invoices to be paid? Would it be nice if you could only be paid sooner, and would it help cash flow? It may be time to look more closely at your processes, and in particular, how you handle paperwork in the […]