Budgets – how sophisticated should we get

March 30, 2016

We were riffing in the office today about budgets. For some customers, settings a monthly budget per division is sufficient. For others they want to allocate the monthly budget by nominal code. Some customers tell us that’s irrelevant and they want to budget by cost codes. The answer is of course to provide flexibility for […]

Hands-free email processing – it’s a no brainer

December 15, 2015

With hundreds, possibly thousands of email attachments arriving into your business every day, addressed to a myriad of mailboxes, is there a clever way to download and route any attachments to a pre-defined mailbox? Now there is: Santiago – the automated email attachment downloading and routing system that identifies email attachments and diverts them to a dedicated mailbox. […]

Keep critical records safe, secure and accessible

December 10, 2015

International corporations must house official documents, product certificates, patent licences, safety documents and more in a safe place, yet keep them accessible to all authorised users, wherever they may be. The challenge lies in implementing global wide protocols that preserve data integrity and comply with information security and compliance legislation. We’ve been working with a […]

Making light work of business expansion

When your business grows, it can add pressure points and delays to business processes, particularly if you are relying on manual systems. We recently helped a claims handling company which had experienced incredible growth over the last three years, and was suffering from the problems caused by delays in key processes. They were struggling to […]

Taking care of care home budgets

November 25, 2015

Senior leaders of a care home contacted us recently to discuss the issues they were having with managing ever increasing volumes of purchase invoices. Spread over a number of sites, and going through a period of growth, the business was losing control over expenditure and budgets. It was clear that what was needed was a process for […]

When invoices arrive in multiple currencies

Processing huge volumes of invoices is a considerable task. Add to that the complexities of dealing with different currencies, exchange rates and vat rates and you’ll understand why a system designed to simplify invoice processing for international transactions would be a great idea. We were recently approached by an aviation parts company that resells parts and conducts repairs for […]

2000 incoming invoices per month from multiple sites? No problem!

August 20, 2015

One of our clients approached us recently with a seemingly insurmountable problem: “How do we control costs and process literally thousands of incoming invoices a month – from multiple sites that constantly change?” The company works in construction, is established, and growing, with over 80 employees working on numerous new building sites. Their peripatetic workforce […]

Overwhelmed by post? Fast track mail to your staff

When one company approached us recently with a problem of paper overload due to the sheer volume of daily post they received, we were only too pleased to help. The issue was causing delays in processing paperwork, slowing down turnaround of work, and leaving customers none too pleased about the poor service they received. And […]

Aspose.Total.Net – great tool, deserves our praise.

July 27, 2015

Here at C2S, we have always struggled to find a consistent solution for document handling that can carefully and accurately convert documents like Word or Excel tp Tiff or PDF. We then came across the Aspose.Total for .NET. Having previously used PDF# and other open source libraries, we were more often than not left disappointed […]

10 steps to successful Automated Invoice Processing Integration

May 18, 2015

Integrating Automated Invoice Processing into your business is a process you’ll want to run as smoothly as possible. Here we’ve mapped out the areas that need to be addressed, and indeed our suggestions for putting in place some best practice procedures, to ensure your business is fit and ready when the time comes to change. You may find […]