When does support become billable?

We provide unlimited support for our customers as part of our annual support contracts. However, there is a distinction between support "can you fix it?" and support "can you change it, expand it or make it do something different?" It could be that the system we installed and created no longer functions because your server has failed or the PC it was installed on has been replaced. These are the types of things that we may need to charge for. Support is very much a question of fixing something that was working that no longer functions and it being completely out of your control.

If your support technicians tells you that something will be chargeable, it will have been determined that your request falls outside of support as we know it - what you are asking for is a change or expansion of the system. Most of our software systems are self-administering and we encourage you to maintain and administer the system yourself. But we are here to help you get the best from your system and as such will be happy to undertake any changes and expansions for you but there may be a charge.

Our rate for 2018 is £125 + VAT per hour. You can block book hours and receive a discount. We have a price break at 5 hours and 10 hours. Any pre-purchased time will be invoiced up-front and should be paid for within 14 days.

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