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Stop the delays and get in control

If purchase orders aren’t signed off, materials can’t be purchased. If invoices aren’t approved, they can’t be paid on time. And if holiday requests take too long to sanction, that’s not good for staff morale. You get the picture. What’s missing is an approval tool.

It’s all about document management, and flow of information, which is why an electronic, systemised approvals process makes good business sense. And here at C2S, we can customise our approvals system to fit squarely with your needs.

Those authorised to make approvals can access pending requests wherever they are – even from a mobile or web browser. And the system has complete transparency, so you can see when an approval has been requested and to whom.

Less time waiting and more control

Of course, a streamlined workflow without any sticking points makes for quicker turnarounds, more efficient flow of information and helps control costs – all good for customer satisfaction. And should they have cause for complaint, and you need a swift resolution, this can be sanctioned quickly too, bringing about an early end to a problem.

How it works

If you can sketch your approval process on a whiteboard, we can implement it in our scalable and customisable document management system in just a few hours. We can also train you to use this simple system just as easily so you can create approvals or workflows when you need them.

Approvers can view and approve requests in a web browser or iPhone whilst on the go. They can add comments or even be forced to sign a document using a signature pad. Workflows can include the changing of field values – ie from pending to approved as well as the interaction with other applications using web services or database updating/p>

Tell us what you need

Many of our customers start by explaining how slow their existing approval process is and how as a first step this is the fix they are lookign for.

Our approval solution is incredibly easy to deploy and can be up and running in weeks rather than months.


No programming required

  • World-clas document management
  • Quickly design easy or complex processes
  • Approve on iphone and Android
  • No more paper
  • Reduce approval times to hours
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Approvals FAQ's

How easy is your approvals solution to deploy? All of the systems we build are fast and easy to setup, and are a joy to use. Can I use your system for invoices? Yes. We have simple approve / reject solutions and we have full invoice coding solutions as well. Can our Customer Services team benefit from workflow? Yes, we have the ability to create fast Case Management workflows for groups where a user can claim a document. Can your workflow software interact with other systems? Yes. The solutions we work with have API's and can call or post to other applications.
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