Bulk PDF Conversion - Key Features

Server-based PDF / Image Conversion Software
Highly-scaleable architecture
Scan and verify Index Data
Customisable with API
Output to Searchable PDF
Output data to separate Text Files
Output via API
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Scaleable document re-creation using unlimited processing cores

abbyy recognition server

Start harnessing the knowledge in your documents

Searchable PDF is fast becoming the most desired way of reproducing scanned pages. With a standard tiff or PDF file, the image is, in effect, a photograph. Searchable PDF creates a text layer under the document that can be searched to help you jump to a keyword or phrase.

Although you can OCR documents as you scan, with Capture applications including Canon Capture Perfect or Kofax Express, for this to work well, the scanning application needs to be sophisticated enough to allow batch processing in the background without slowing down the scanning. Kofax Express does this beautifully.

But what happens when you already have an archive of electronic documents and want to make them intelligent, like a searchable PDF or recreate the contents into editable form like XML / Word? In these circumstances you will need a program that can recreate a folder structure in your preferred format. There is a good choice of solutions in the market but as ABBYY Partners, our recommendation is ABBYY Recognition Server. This program is designed for significant volumes and allows you to harness the power of multiple PCs and servers by harvesting unused processing power. This is ideal when you have millions of pages and a tight deadline.

abbyy recognition server

Put your documents to work ...

  • Fault-tolerant document processing
  • Highly-scaleable for significant page volumes
  • Easy to setup and deploy
  • Document separartion and splitting
  • Support for scripting and logical routines
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ABBYY Recognition Server FAQ's

Why do I need it?
You only need ABBYY Recognition server if you have hundreds of thusands of pages of documents that you want to convert to either searchable PDF or want to lift the content into a format you can search or edit.

How much does it cost?
Get it touch. The price is based on the page count you require or the number of processing cores that you can be limited to. It's a server tool so starts at around £2000.

How fast is it?
To convert a document, every word has to be read. Get on touch, tell us how many pages per day you need to process and we can then work out with you how many processing cores needs to be applied and the respective cost.

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