ABBYY FlexiCapture
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 FlexiCapture for Invoices

ABBYY FlexiCapture builds on all of the key functionality of our other two systems, but is geared to heavier volumes of invoices and provides the scope for integration with literally any other piece of software. It is hugely customisable and C2S are experienced in many different types of installation.

  • Site finder - find location postcodes and set GL coding accordingly
  • Find vehicles reg numbers on invoices
  • Use invoice batches - distribute workloads amongst team members
  • Match with PO's from ERP systems like SAP & Oracle
  • Show receipting data to operators - 3 way matching
  • Multi language, multi-currency, enterprise class software
  • Monitor scan folders and email accounts
  • Create custom rules and custom validations

FlexiCapture really is a blank canvass. Although out-of-the box the software will recognise invoices relatively easily, its the customisations you can create and the hook-ups into as many different systems as you require that sets it apart. But. Buyer beware! FlexiCapture is designed to recognise invoices and hand the data over to other systems. It's not an approvals platform or a dashboard for AP. It is just one of the tools required to facilitate an AP automation solution. It happens to be on of the best though for those with the recognition requirements.

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Key features

  • World-class OCR Software
  • Find specific information on a page
  • Auto classification of documents
  • Recognise line-items like bank statements
  • Flexible exports - CSV, XML, XLS, ODBC, SPI
  • Streamline scanning and paper capture
  • Auto-load and read email attachments
  • Verification & Validations
  • Scalable software & licensing
  • Read handprint and text

Getting data into your business process

FlexiCapture is a powerful OCR program that can read text or handwriting and make sense of it. Whereas re-creation OCR (optical character recognition) is all about re-creating a static document and making it editable, FlexiCapture can be set to read values on the page, no matter where they are.

The real value comes in the setup though. Often there is no need for "templating" and providing coordinates of the value you want. With FlexiCapture's flexible layouts, you can tell it to look for a keyword, like "order number", and set it to find a value to the right or below it. Each value you set out to find can also be validated against a database or list you hold.

This powerful software can be used in academia, research and business to process thousands of pages a day, exporting the found data you need into databases or directly into other application

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