ABBYY FlexiCapture - Key Features

World-class OCR Software
Find specific information on a page
Auto classification of documents
Recognise line-items like bank statements
Flexible exports - CSV, XML, XLS, ODBC, SPI
Streamline scanning and paper capture
Auto-load and read email attachments
Verification & Validations
Scaleable software & licensing
Read handprint and text

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Intelligent data and document capture solution from the UK's leading ABBYY partner

abbyy flexicapture

Getting data off the page and into your business process

FlexiCapture is a powerful OCR program that can read text or handwriting and make sense of it. Whereas re-creation OCR (optical character recognition) is all about re-creating a static document and making it editable, FlexiCapture can be set to read values on the page, no matter where they are.

The real value comes in the setup though. Often there is no need for "templating" and providing coordinates of the value you want. With FlexiCapture's flexible layouts, you can tell it to look for a keyword, like "order number", and set it to find a value to the right or below it. Each value you set out to find can also be validated against a database or list you hold.

This powerful software can be used in academia, research and business to process thousands of pages a day, exporting the found data you need into databases or directly into other applications

Mac with abbyy verify

Find information and process ...

  • Invoices (dedicated invoice edition)
  • Mail item (dedicated Mailroom edition)
  • Questionnaires
  • Hand print forms
  • Research papers
  • Bank statements
  • Sales orders & purchase orders
  • Delivery / dispatch notes
  • Bills of lading
Mac with ABBYY

FlexiCapture FAQ's

How much does it cost?
The price scales up based on the number of pages you process and how many processing cores you need. The starting price is £4000 GBP though.

Do you offer support?
Yes. We are ABBYY's Platinum UK partner so offer full support which includes software assurance.

How fast is it?
FlexiCapture is processor-hungry. It has to read every character on a page and make sense of it. The processing can be extremely fast though.

How is data verified?
As part of the processing, the Verification stage allows users validate characters and check rules. This can be distributed out to multiple people though.

Some of our key ABBYY FlexiCapture users

Our client is a high-profile global charity that processes thousands of donations a day. They scan and read donation slips, pushing the data into an Oracle based system and auto-filing the donation slip (for HMRC / Gift Aid Compliance) into FileDirector with a complete audit trail. The core goal with this user was processing more with the same. To get the keying in done faster, and the filing more efficiently and accurately.

We have a number of clients in the logistics business running the network edition of ABBYY FlexiCapture. Shipping a container from China to Tilbury creates a vast paper-trail. FlexiCapture can be setup to handle this and to manage the auto-filing and the auto routing of documents.

We have a number of travel companies that use ABBYY FlexiCapture to identify different booking documents. One client has 120+ high-street travel agents. Every time a booking is made, the various documents are "identified" through ABBYY FlexiCapture before being appended with their own internal booking number and being auto-filed in their internal system.

Our client City Sightseeing Tours is a familiar sight in every key European City. Their business model uses hundreds of partners that sell vouchers. The vouchers are handed over to the driver of the bus. Every voucher finds its way back to the UK to be scanned and validated in FlexiCapture. This major investment allows City Sightseeing to validate claims and look for exceptions far faster than manual processing.

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